Christmas pyramid.

Minnesota: Heaven is a Place That’s Cold

Here I am, four months in the past in January; having had fended off perplexed enquiries by people in LA and seat-neighbours on the plane on why I’d fly to Minnesota of all places, when circumstances dictated no such compulsion.

Well first of all, there was snow. Lots of snow. Born and bred in a country that’s an endless summer, you can bet that I was reliving the seasonal childhood I never had. The last time I saw so much of a winter wonderland was more than a decade ago when I went skiing in Korea- and most of that was manmade to boot. In Minnesota, it was mise en scène.

This meant a good amount of barging out into sub-zero temperatures to take commemorative pictures of myself and my new love of solidified aqua:

Outfit of the Day: Cotton On's velvet dress, Uniqlo's HEATTECH, River Island's panda scarf, H&M's printed leggings.

Outfit of the Day: Cotton On's velvet dress, Uniqlo's HEATTECH, River Island's panda scarf, H&M's printed leggings.

Close-up of agate necklace gifted to me by a friend from the Natural History Museum in Washington.I’m fortunate to know people who have the best eye for gifts – the awesome panda scarf was from Evy, and the pretty agate necklace was a souvenir from Des. Thank you my awesome friends!

Secondly, my furry friends and a cosy place to call home (alas, temporarily):

Charlie the Maltese lazing on the couch.One of the first things that greeted me was Charlie, the adorable Maltese that grew on me with his boundless affection. He looked so tired all sprawled on the couch with the TV light reflecting off his recently groomed fur though!

Christmas tree decorations in January.The Christmas tree was taken down the next day. I was lucky to have spent a day with that pretty structure.

Christmas pyramid.A Christmas Pyramid! It’s fascinating how these work on the simple theory of hot air rising to create the beautiful kinetic nature of this structure.

Close-up of a bauble decorating a christmas tree.

Poofus the Maine Coon hiding underneath the Christmas tree.Poofus the Maine Coon hiding beneath the Christmas tree.

Poofus the Maine Coon.Seriously, he is one of the prettiest cats I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’ll always wonder how he came to be a rescue cat.

And then there was the food:

Biscuit, potato wedges, baby carrots and meatloaf.

Microwavable popcorn ready to be spritzed with butter and sprinkled with sugar.

Dipped sandwiches and Lay's classic wavy chips.

Hash browns, minced meat and vegetables.

Poofus the Maine Coon.And back to pretty cat Poofus, because he is the poofy-est and prettiest.

I’m psyched to be finally posting all the photoshoots in the snow!


Uniqlo HEATTECH shirt
Cotton On velvet dress
H&M printed leggings
Fila boots
gifted agate necklace from Washington’s Natural History Museum

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.


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