Mata Ne, Japan + Expenditure

As with all journeys, our time in the land rising sun had come to an inevitable end. We made a stopover at Vietnam, and I got some outfit shots taken.

Setting off for home from Tokyo.

Planes at the Vietnam airport.

Airport outfit: Zara long cardigan, GU wool hat, Spurr shoes.

Airport outfit: Zara long cardigan, GU wool hat, Spurr shoes.

Airport outfit: Zara long cardigan, GU wool hat, Spurr shoes.Oh you’re trying to take an #OOTD? Here have some random people in the background.

Burger King food at our transfer from Tokyo to Singapore.We also had an overpriced Burger King meal.

Vietname Airlines plane food from Tokyo to Singapore.And plane food. It was okay.

Zara cardigan
GU hat
Dresslink dress
Spurr shoes

Outfit photos assisted by Shasha & Ruru.

P.S. here’s my expenditure list if anyone is interested in using it to plan your itinerary to Japan. Total expenditure was about SGD $2,800 for 10 days, although I’m sure it’s do-able with a smaller budget if one isn’t addicted to gacha machines and shopping:

Item Cost (SGD)
VietAir RT 460.5
VietAir extra charge 3.68
Airbnb Osaka (total SGD $433) 144.33
Airbnb Kyoto (total SGD $475) 158.33
Airbnb Tokyo (total SGD $403) 134.33
Japan Rail Pass 7-days (via JTB) 347
8 days 3gig Sim Card (via Qoo10) (total SGD $96) 32
Mustafa Money Changer to 130,000 yen (11.59 exchange) 1506.7
TOTAL 2786.87


The airport at Vietnam accepts credit cards for the US currency they use, so we were able to feed ourselves during our layover:

Item Cost (USD)
HCM Airport Schweppes 330ml 3
HCM Airport Burger King Burger Meal 7.5
TOTAL 10.5


My breakdown of expenditure in Japan using the money I’d changed:

Item Cost (JPY) Day
Train Kansai to Namba 920
Day 01: Osaka
Locker Namba Station till 10pm 600
風風亭 Fuu Fuu Tei Yakiniku Buffet 3,240
Daiso 10 items 1,080
Captain Terry Coffee Stadium: Green Tea Latte hot L-size (free coffee cake sample) 550
Gachapon x 2 Lazy Frog 400
Takoyaki 8pcs share 3 ppl 150
Gachapon 2x Lady under the Sushi 400
Dinner 东海水岸 Salmon Oyako Don 950
Family Mart Chocolates 1,685
Family Mart Mineral Water 2L + Chocolates 304
Train Osaka-namba to Nishikujo 200
Day 02: Osaka USJ
Train Nishikujo to JR Yumezaki to Universal City (Suica 160) 0
USJ Regular Entrance Ticket 7,200
USJ Butter Beer 1,200
USJ Harry Potter Sweets + Snitch Charm 3,990
USJ Pink Panther Cafe Minion Banana & Mango Cupcake 470
USJ Minion Omurice 1,790
USJ Beverly Hills Boulangerie 1 slice Strawberry Shortcake + 1 Red Santa Claus share 3 ppl 500
City Walk Little Osaka Omiyage Market 2x Pocky socks + Gudetama Items 2,764
Warai Okonomiyaki + Yakisoba share 3 ppl 893
Drugstore Nasal Spray + Cleanser + Face Moisturiser + Shiseido Hand Cream 2,167
Gachapon 1x Panda on cup 100
Gachapon 1x Lady under the Sushi 200
Gachapon 1x Pikachu on cup 300
Don Quixote Spree 4,322
Family Mart 1x Green Tea 330ml + 1 Yakult IDK
Takoyaki Ken 14 pcs share 3 ppl 186
Day 03: Osaka
Unagi don 1,600
Taiyaki Sweet Potato 180
Red backpack Tax Free 3,880
Gachapon 3x Fushiko 900
Nekotsume Cat Cafe Entrance 1,000
Cafe Chocoroll (380) + Fruit Shortcake (380) (share half w Shasha) + Royal Milk Tea Hot (250) 610
Loft 2x postcards + 2x Star Wars Biscuits 1,354
Rikuro’s Cheesecake share 3 ppl (675) 225
Day 04: Osaka to Kyoto
Breakfast Saba Set M-size free rice 360
Train Namba to Nara 560
Locker at Kintetsu Nara Station till 5.30pm 600
Mara Softcream Matcha 300
Todaiji Entrance Ticket to Great Buddha Hall 500
Todaiji 3x postcards (100) + 1x gold bookmark 940
Izasa Dinner 1,680
Train Limited Express Top-Up Yamato-Saidaiji to Kyoto 510
Isetan Half off Time Sale 7.50pm Bento 302
Sagano Romantic Train Ticket 620
Day 05: Kyoto Inari, Higashiyama (JR pass start)
Manneken Murasaki Imo (Purple Potato) bread/donut 162
Train Kyoto to Inari (JR) 0
Fushimi Inari Food Stall Sweet Potato Sticks Large Cup 600
Fushimi Inari Food Stall Takoyaki Large share with Ruru 250
Train Inari to Kyoto (JR) 0
Bus 206 Kyoto to Higashiyama (Suica 230) 0
Bus Higashiyama to Kyoto 230
7-11 1x Ham & Mayo Sandwich + 1x Onigiri Mentaiko (139) 298
Suica Charge 2,000
Hozukyo Ferry (4100) + Taxi to Arashiyama (1400) 4,567
Day 06: Sagano Torokko, Maiko Makeover
Boat 1 stick of dango (3 sticks for 300) share 3 ppl 100
Boat 1 cup Amazake 300
Arashiyama 10x artist postcards 1,000
Saga-Arashiyama to Kyoto (JR) 0
Kyoto to Tofukuji (JR) 0
Tofukuji to Gion-Shijo (Suica 150) 0
Maica Maiko Makeover + tax 10,800
Maica Locker for Belongings 200
Gion-Shijo to Tofukiji (Suica 150) 0
Manneken Rea Cheese 194
Bus Kyoto to Kinkakuji-Michi Flat Rate 230
Kyoto Train Station Kit Kat Hojicha 12 pcs 864
Day 07: Kyoto to Tokyo
Kyoto no Koibito (669) + Itoen Green Tea 550ml 820
Manneken set of 6 cream waffles (rea cheese + seasonal only Murasaki Imo) share with Shasha 500
Shinkansen Hikari 520 from Kyoto 12.33pm to Tokyo 3.10pm (JR pass) 0
Akiba Ticket Machine Meal Nikufuji Soba 430
Caffe Veloce Matcha Float 340
McDs Pote (Fries) S-size 150
Family Mart Snacks 940
Lawson 100 1x Peko x Sanrio Strawberry Chocolate 108
Day 08: Harajuku & Ginza
McDs Chicken Egg Muffin Set + Hashbrown + Matcha Latte S-size 530
Train Okachimachi to Harajuku (JR) 0
Tutu Anna 3 socks for 1000 1,080
Marion Crepe No. 95 Matcha Chocora 530
Sanruumu at Shibuya Saba Set 1,274
Train Shibuya to Ginza (Suica 195) 0
GU Ginza Spree 7,540
TCC Ginza Nama beer (700 Ru) + Latte (700 Shasha) + Creme Brulee (700 Me) + Share Cheese Potato Wedges & Fries 972
Train Ginza to Tokyo (Suica 165) 0
Ameyoko Soft Serve Goma 300
Day 09: Asakusa & One Piece Tower at Tokyo Tower
Train Okachimachi to Ueno (JR) 0
Advance Train Tickets Skyliner to Narita at Keisei-Ueno station 2,470
Train Keisei-Ueno to Asakusa (Suica 165) 0
Sensoji Ningyoyaki Red Bean: 2 pkt (500) + 1 pkt 8 pcs (300) 800
Sensoji Origami Earrings (750) + Charm (520) 1,270
Sensoji Melon Pan halved with Ai 100
Trunks-ya 2x set of 3 socks 2,160
Train Asakusa to Ginza to Kamiyacho (Suica 195) 0
One Piece Tower + 150m Tokyo Tower Observatory Entrance Tickets 3,900
Tokyo Tower x Hokusai Postcard 180
One Piece Lanyard Franky 500
One Piece Commemorative Coin Chopper (500) + Name Printing (50) 550
One Piece Mugiwara Store Spree 2,917
7-11 2x Pocky + 1x new chocolate 540
Train Kamiyacho to Ueno (Suica 195) 0
McDs Quarter Pounder Set + Matcha Latte M-size + Fries 760
Lawson 100 1x Matcha Sweets + 1x Itoen Green Tea 550ml + 1x Porcupine Envelopes + 1 Onigiri Mentaiko 432
Muji 1x matcha latte powder + 1x organic green tea bags 8pcs 730
Day 10: Narita
Uniqlo airport spree 4,295
Fa-So-La Duty Free Kit Kats + chocolates 4,000
TOTAL 115,595

That’s all! Until I eventually get my butt off lazyland and start working on the videos I took…

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