Mash-up Halloween 2012

Hello from someone who survived her body trying to drown her in phlegm twice in two months, plus staving off a weird kind of fatigue that possibly got left behind since then. Anyhoo, this is two weeks late to the party, but here’s a recount of my Halloween with new friends (and housemates) Deb and Jac this year!

Garlands and Gardens handcrafted floral headwreath
Forever21 earrings, necklace, chiffon camisole
Urban Outfitters dark floral tights
Dr. Martens hot pink patent lamper boots
Thrifted purple tutu

Sketchy/obscure/may-not-exist anime character (yours truly), cutie pie kitty cat (Deb), and princess Vader (Jac).

We went to the Hollywood Carnaval. It was my second time there, though this time we reached there a bit later than last year because the first three buses were jam-packed with like-minded people.

My favourite costumed couple.

Much props to this guy with his very simple, but clever costume.

One of my favourite characters from Spirited Away. There are coins in his cupped hands, and one of the passersby even dropped a coin. Cool cool cool!

The second manliest kitty I’ve ever seen. The top prize still goes to the one at this year’s Anime Expo.

Everyone wanted to take a picture of the Genie! He had such pretty shimmering skin. Jasmine came along and it was such serendipity that Genie had to stop everyone else to take pictures with her. XD

There’s Waldo!

I literally chased after Family Guy to get his awesome picture.

Freddie Mercury from Queen.

I had a chewy hug for the night.

These guys were way too awesome with that modified car. They even had the Ghostbusters theme song playing for everyone to hear! Pedestrian traffic was stopped just to admire them.

And that was it for Halloween. I have a semi-related outfit post coming up next, so stay tuned!

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