Deb walking Annabel.

Marina Del Rey & Venice Beach: Walking Annabel

outfit of the day: h&m black chiffon dress, h&m leggings, fila boots. At the beach with Annabel the dog.

Detail of my etsy narwhal necklace and H&M black chiffon dress.

Detail of my H&M watercolour floral abstract leggings and Fila boots on the beach.

Venice Beach sculpture.

Porch chairs near Venice Beach, under renovation.

Mermaid mural in a building in Venice Beach.

Metal sculptures of pop-culture characters: Wall-e, Aliens.

Surfer finding a good spot at Venice Beach.

Man fishing at the pier at Marina Del Rey.

Deb walking Annabel.

Annabel doing her business while Deb prepares to scoop it up.

Deb and Annabel resting on the couch after a long day.

We never actually walked Annabel all the way to Venice Beach- she’s an old dog. <3

[New Year House-sitting Series: Part 1 (video) // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 end]


H&M dress & leggings
Dollhouse jacket
Fila boots
Paper Sparrow narwhal necklace

Outfit photos credits to Deb

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