Annabel the dog on the bed.

Marina Del Rey: House-sitting

Deb and I offered to house-sit for Jeff and Amanda while they visited family over the new year early this year. Mainly because Deb is obsessed with canines and Annabel (Jeff’s dog) had struck a chord in her heart. Also because the both of us had no plans to spend the welcoming of 2013 anywhere else (Jac was in Seattle with 3sa). So why not stay by the beach surrounded by domesticated animals? Sounded like a good plan. And it was a beautiful one.

I’ve compiled a short video of the shenanigans we got up to, though what it mainly consists of is food and pets and Deb’s antics.


Some pictures I took when we first arrived:

IMG_0306Jeff and Amanda were so kind! Deb and I were like, thank you for letting us stay at your house. (*w*) Deb was in love with their kitchen. Their countertop was smack in the middle of the space- it looked so professional and inspiring.


IMG_0273This is Annabel- mixed breed labrador and, I suspect, eternal youth. She’s an old dog, but still so active and energetic. She’s literally taken me off my feet running to greet another dog before, while I hung on desperately to the end of her leash. It was an exciting experience, to say the least. XD



IMG_0340This is Mrs. Hudson. She’s a shy cat, but she got used to us after she realised that we were the ones feeding her now. I might have been biased towards her to balance all the love Deb was giving Annabel… heh. Mrs. Hudson is also a master as opening drawers. Deb and I were so confused at first because we would always see half-opened drawers in the kitchen and bathroom, until I caught that sneaky ninja cat in the act!

IMG_0330Mrs. Hudson perched on Amanda’s work table, while Deb and Annabel have a moment together.

IMG_0281We went out to C&O Trattoria for dinner the first night. Their entrées were good, but what really stayed in my memory was how addictive their garlic rolls were. We couldn’t stop eating them! It was great that they were free-flow… or was it? Deb and I finished off two plates, easy. Om nom nom.

IMG_0334Deb made Guacamole from scratch! We dipped our chips in it and it was delicious.

IMG_0497Proof of how Deb really loves cooking- this was breakfast. To be fair, the hoagie was leftover from the previous night when we had wings in addition to it.

IMG_0352This other day’s breakfast was all Deb’s cooking though! We were trying to finish up whatever ingredients we’d brought over from our place, which accounts for the similar look of our meals. On a side note, Mrs. Hudson gets luxury cat food every morning (and I’ve forgotten now on whether it’s every night as well), and every time I spoon it into her food bowl, the aroma of that canned wet cat food wafts up my nostrils and it takes every ounce of restrain for me not to nibble a little from it.

Yes I think I’m on the verge of becoming one of those crazy ladies who eats cat food and dresses weird.

Stay tuned for more of Deb’s and my stay at the beach!

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