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It was shortly after I came back from Korea when I had the pleasure to be invited to the celebration of Marc by Marc Jacobs‘ store opening and Vulture Magazine‘s first anniversary. The party also hosted works of four Singaporean artists, one of whom was talented photographer Jingna. Since she was in New York and couldn’t be there at the opening, I got an invitation from her to be her eyes for the night, so to speak.

First off, the party was held at Theatreworks 72-13. I’ve been there a couple of times before, and every time it boggles my mind as to how lost I find myself in trying to get to that space. This time though, I had the companionship of Deb, who is as amusingly crazy as they get.

IMG_8995Deb and I are very ‘cool’ people.

IMG_8983We tried to take a picture of ourselves on screen.

IMG_8982The wait staff there were very vigilant- I had my empty cup continually replaced, right up until the space got more populated.

They also went round serving everyone bite-sized food!

IMG_9010Mashed cauliflower on a spoon.


IMG_8985Works by Sebastian Mary Tay and Robert Zhao Ren Hui.

IMG_8990Works by Denise Jillian Tan.

It was breath-taking when the organizers finally unveiled the room in which Jingna’s works were exhibited. Trust her to display the six prints, five of which are an ongoing series Motherland Chronicles, suspended from the ceiling! It lent a surreal air to the already fantastic theme. Here’s her take with some of the photos I took.




And here’s what I wore. I’d just gotten the new prescription glasses that my dad had collected for me while I was in Korea, and hadn’t gone to get the sizing fixed yet, so my head hurt like crazy. It might have been my excuse to imbibe one too many glasses of alcohol at the event. XD


IMG_8972In which I spot airplane breakouts, which sadly is just slightly more interesting topography than usual.

IMG_8957Unlaced to show my bear hiking socks from Yosemite!

F21 top
M)phosis skirt
Uniqlo mustard tights
Dr. Martens hot pink lamper boots
Wedgewood necklace (gifted)
Gap glasses
T-shirt & Jeans bag

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