I’ve come to realise of late that my self-preservations skills are a tad faulty- the unfortunate collision with a low-hanging tree branch yesterday may or may not be the cause of my enlightenment.

Or the fact that I biked for the first time today since my bike accident two weeks ago, and did not learn my lesson of how having heavy things in my bag greatly increases my chance of getting reacquainted with the gravel (the last time I was carrying my laptop and a watermelon. This time, it was my laptop and a three-litre bottle of laundry detergent).

At least I didn’t fall this time. Also, body holes are healing up nicely. That ought to count for something.

The accident happened way after these photos were taken, which accounts for the lack of red, blue and black…maybe shiny yellow. Side note, this may be the longest my hair has ever been.

✿ lace top, shorts, tights: f21
✿ platform sneakers: urban outfitters
✿ earrings: craft stall in argentina

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  • Mary

    Oh do be careful! I’m a fraidy cat when it comes to riding a bike in the city, mostly because I’m slow and I think road-raging drivers will come after me. I should get over that though because we have capital bikeshare here, and it would be really convenient.

    I was just thinking your hair has gotten really long! Your hair looks nice any length :)

    Also, love love those earrings!

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