Los Angeles: Sawtelle Blvd

This post on my first year in Los Angeles was one of the drafts I had simmering in the folder, and was written when I was still there. Good times:

I’m notorious for procrastinating with most everything in life (hopefully that translates to death as well, but that’s another road I’ll go down next time). I’ve just noticed some of the blog drafts that are lying around. This exploratory walk down Sawtelle, also known as Little Osaka, happened more than two years ago, when I first arrived at Los Angeles. It was a month before Jesca came along. I miss her. Also, hello old, short, fringed hair!



IMG_0745There are a couple of really beautiful flower farms along the boulevard. I’d lament my lack of place to call home to house some of these floral beauties, but even if I had one, I doubt I’d actually invest the time and energy to decorate it in a way that doesn’t also serve another utility (because I’m lazy like that).

IMG_0747I remember being incredibly fascinated with the appearance of the moon at 3 pm.


IMG_0780This crazy-looking eager doggy was chanced upon when I was walking down a smaller road. Turns out he was taken for a walk by a guy who worked for a dog care center in the area. We chatted for a bit (the guy, not the dog), and then parted ways. The best kind of social interaction is the transient kind, imo.

IMG_0817This was a pretty cool secondhand book store on Sawtelle near Santa Monica Boulevard. They had toys and knick-knacks (rawr dinosaurs!) decorating the shelves as well. I once queried the guy tending the store and he said that the owner has a lot of toys because of his kids. Well, his kids get tired of damn cool toys real fast, that’s all I can say. XD

IMG_0820Decoration outside a luxury apartment along Sawtelle.

IMG_0778The Odyssey isn’t down Sawtelle, although it’s parallel to it, along Sepulveda Boulevard. I’ve never been inside the theater, although I used to pass it by often. Blue used to be my favourite colour for a long time.


IMG_0775Back when my dinosaur comforter was new and shiny! I really love my dino blanket, and am entertaining the thought of bringing it back to Singapore, even though it may be difficult because I’ll really have to pare my belongings down to three luggages (a feat I won’t want to think about until I absolutely have to). I remember that a lady behind me in the queue asked if I was buying it for my kids, and I was like, “Nope, it’s just for me.”. XD


IMG_0821I was still a bubble tea (or boba tea, as they call it here) addict when I came over to LA, so Volcano Tea House was recommended by Taylor to satisfy my craving. Unfortunately, boba tea tastes so different from what I was used to in Singapore! I got weaned off them in half a year…


I’m going to miss blue skies and pretty sunsets in LA.

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