Los Angeles: R+D Kitchen, Yamato, Sweet Rose Creamery, Blu Jam Cafe, & MILK

My last week in Los Angeles was spent with awesome friends revisiting great food and trying out new ones.

R+D Kitchen

I met JD for the last time a few days before my flight, since he was spending the following days in Mexico, starting from a few hours after our lunch. We wanted to go down to Father’s Office, but realised when we got there that it was closed. Nooooo! We’d already paid for street parking though, so we decided to find something down the road in Santa Monica. Decided to give R+D Kitchen a try, and it turned out to be an amazing find.

IMG_6905The venue was real classy, with bar on taps plus what looked to JD like some damn good spirits on the shelves.

IMG_6909We were seated in cosy booths right next to the bar. Here’s JD who had buttoned his napkin to his shirt. We were trying to figure out what the slot on the napkins were for. XD


IMG_6912Unsure of what to get, we consulted our waitress for food options and eventually decided on a burger and a daily special. Both were so yummy.

IMG_6920One of the staff saw us trying to take pictures of each other and offered to take one of us. She had to go behind the bar for this shot.

IMG_6921JD was so excited to see Chimay on the menu that he had to get one for me. In that chalice. XD

Also, JD decided to give me a treat! Thank you JD!!

IMG_6922I got to sip from JD’s home-brewed ‘honey’! It was awesome.

Here’s a video of roadside imbibement:


Yamato Restaurant

After lunch with JD, it was almost immediately back out to Yamato with the apartment girls. Yamato is a Japanese restaurant located in an iconic (and possibly historical) building in the heart of Westwood Village, with high arches and this gem:


We chose from the Happy Hour Menu:


IMG_6927I got the Garlic Edamame because I was still so full from lunch. It was a little too salty, but otherwise quite acceptable.

IMG_6931Abb, Ssen, Roz, Me, and Lilli.

Sweet Rose Creamery

And then it was off to Sweet Rose Creamery in Brentwood, a short drive away, for gelato that the girls adore. They’d brought me there before, when I first moved in. I love the naked baby icon!


IMG_6942I got Strawberry in a cup.

IMG_6939_aniRoz, Lilli, Ssen, Me, Abbi.

Blu Jam Café

Two days later, we had brunch at Blu Jam, a rather popular place in Melrose. It was my first time at the cafe, and was anticipating the food that garnered such a long waiting line on a Sunday morning.



IMG_6978I was in love with their Hot Chocolate. That whipped cream!

IMG_6984I was so enamoured that I asked for a whipped cream refill, and they obliged. Awesome!

IMG_6979Crunchy French Toast was awesome! Struggled to finish this dish, but it was so worth it.

IMG_6981Abbi, Me, Lilli, Ssen.


And then it was off to my second visit to MILK, highly popular dessert place and home to the most amazing giant ice cream macarons.


IMG_6989These are pre-made and cost a whopping USD5.44 after tax.

IMG_6992My Earl Grey Ice Cream Macaron. So good.

I’m going to miss them and these. ♥

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