Los Angeles: First impressions

It’s been about four months now, and I’m loving life here on the whole. Have been in some pretty bad situations though, which has been slowly tiring me out especially the past month; I’d never had such problems in the past, so I guess if I’m optimistic about it, the bad stuff is a learning experience of sorts…

Oh well. Looking back at pictures cheers me up somewhat, as well as finally buying my very first item on Etsy after trawling the site for ages. Retail therapy baby! :D

Samosa House at Culver City is a vegetarian Indian restaurant. It’s sort of buffet style, and so. damn. good. What I always get is a combination plate (white rice, garlic naan), and for the three items I choose the cauliflower, potato curry, and the last item I choose at random because I’ve got what I needed to get. Seriously, the cauliflower and potato curry and garlic naan are must-eats!

These pictures were from the first time I went to Samosa House, so the stuff I usually order aren’t there. However, that’s the cauliflower on the top right corner of the plate.

That boy is cute. =3

A trip downtown during the first week in L.A.:

And an outfit:

✿ Navy dress: River Island
✿ Dotted skirt: online
✿ Reindeer knee-high socks: gift from Yuunsama (Topshop)
✿ Floral boots: Wonder Rabbit (Japan)
✿ Red coat: Aunt’s (Zara)

The night before I left, Yuunsama and JW passed me a pretty hefty ang pao and this pair of lovely socks! ♥♥♥

I’m so disappointed to be missing out on their ROM. :(


  • Mary

    Hi Ren!
    Great photos. I hope LA is treating you ok? I always imagine LA to be a hodgepodge of bright sun, shiny people, and lots of highways.
    Your outfit is the coolest. I love mixing patterns, although I don’t think it’s as cute when I do it. I hope you post what you bought on Etsy :) xo, Mary

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