Los Angeles: Chiparaki

My internship takes me downtown some days of the week, to the second-oldest building in downtown Los Angeles. Fabian (known as Fab from here on) is one of the craziest person I’ve met– and he’s a UCLA professor. Sweet!

Some photos of the workplace:

My workplace has one seriously cool wall. Love it!

We’re also right opposite the Los Angeles State Historic Park:

Downtown skyline!

One of those days, James and I made our mark on fresh pavement:


And one of those food outings:

Random doodle on the whiteboard before going home.

Cheng and Nad came over in mid May, and one of their first encounters with Fab’s place was the huge party he threw last month:

You’ll have to trust me when I say that this is Diana. :P

The alcohol bar.

I was the only one not to succumb to sleep after the party.

But the morning was so interesting what with Asian scavengers, wonky fire alarms and lots of smoke inhalation.

Last of all, my outfit:

✿ Orange pullover: F21
✿ Light blue skinny jeans: Bugis Village
✿ Grey boots: Top Shoes
✿ Red bus necklace: gift (Bugis Village)
✿ Silver key bracelet: gift (Belgium)

This key bracelet came in a sweet letter from Evy! Thank you!!! I think it’s a match to the gold necklace “heirloom” I have back home. Have fine plans to get the two of them together one day. =3

Have also yet to do a proper post of all the exchanges and awesomesauce I’ve received, but one day… ^^;


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