Los Angeles: Burning Man Decom 2011

On to (relatively) more recent events, the same weekend that I traveled from Buenos Aires back to Los Angeles, I went to the LA Burning Man Decompression event at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. The event is a much more scaled-down version of the main one at Black Rock City, according to regulars Fitz and Jen, but it was still pretty awesome to me. I can only imagine how epic the Black Rock City one is if the Decom was a pale comparison.

Anyway, I was still coughing (souvenir from Buenos Aires), although much less so ever since I got myself on antibiotics. I’m embarrassed to admit that I totally didn’t correlate the potential dangers of mixing meds and alcohol until Jen brought it up. TOO LATE. Luckily, it seems I was safe as far as Augmentin goes. So I’m alive and well, and here are pictures:

Boss and I were super blur like sotong and queued up to enter. Later on, Fitz came by and said that we were special peeps, so we got to enter straight away. Awesome! But it was still pretty cool to be queueing up behind this pretty pretty bird. It nearly bit through my finger though. It hurt for the next few days. XDD

It’s a car!

The sign says “Get your authentic black rock dust for your playa pleasure”.

Met this guy who knew Fitz and Jen, and we realised that we both had turquoise nails! AWESOME.

Boss was fascinated by the Angry Birds car.

The boutique. The sign says “Get your red hot costumes here– bring what you got, take what you need. Everything is for free, but bartering is accepted”. SUPER AWESOME!!! Jen got me a black corset. She has great taste! *w*

Boss and I dicked around at the Animal Farm. Notice his amazing claws which we got at the boutique! He originally had a pirate flag, but a boy was so enamored with it that we gave it to him instead.

Still role-playing at the Animal Farm, and totally missing the point of this booth. Boss trying to photobomb as usual. :P


There was a forger too!

Fitz enlightened us as to who this guy was: Larry Harvey.

These were amazing.

After that, we retired back to Chiparaki (one of my workplaces), and rummaged through both Fitz’s and Jen’s boxes of costumes and wigs:


Crazy Asians. XDD

Group picture! Jen, her two friends, Fitz, Boss, and me.

Okay one more picture before let’s go baby!!!

Boss, me, Fitz. At one point, I was dancing so hard (i.e. jumping and swinging my hands like a mad man), my wig slipped out of my head onto the ground, while I was still wearing my hat. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS??!!

Boss was saving this animal cap for Nad!

Trying to find a secluded corner to take a self-portrait.
✿ peppermint top: gift from Ade (bYSI)
✿ corset & hat: boutique from Burning Man Decom 2011
✿ skirt: Forever 21
✿ striped tights: Nordstorm
✿ black flats: shop in Buenos Aires

But Fitz crashed my photo and blew it out with his awesomeness. XDD

It was a great welcome back into Los Angeles. :)))

Oh and since you’ve made it this far (especially for people who’ve already seen these photos on Facebook ages ago), here’s something random I did this afternoon while on break:


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