Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 Surprise Box: Crumpler photoshoot.

Lazada Birthday Festival 2018: Crumpler Surprise Box

Hey, once again I’m excited to be one of the lucky few to preview the coveted Surprise Boxes for the Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 from 24 – 26 April! For their sixth birthday, Lazada is celebrating by taking up to 90% off featured products, holding more than 600 flash deals leading up to and during the festival, plus a limited selection of premium beauty boxes going at $50 (worth $100). There’s also the Surprise Boxes going at $29 (worth $100).

I’ve been very lucky to have covered two Surprise Boxes courtesy of Lazada last year, but when it comes to actually buying them during the promotions, I’ve not once been successful at being the ‘fastest finger first’ – which was why I’m so glad to have been given the opportunity to see what brands are participating for this festival up close! My Surprise Box this time was a Lazada x Crumpler partnership – featuring this Proud Stash backpack in what I shall term Polly Pocket green and blue:

Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 Surprise Box: Crumpler photoshoot.Here’s my Crumpler Surprise Box and a sneak peek of the main item (the backpack) in The Nook. The Nook is a little corner of my living room and the perfect place for time traveling – one moment I’m watching shows on my laptop… the next, I’m waking up from an unexpected slumber and hours have passed.

Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 Surprise Box: Crumpler photoshoot.I’m also showing off a few tomes from my prized book collection, most of which were finally taken out of a three-year storage! Since I require an updated eye prescription to read my books, I thought that it was also high time for me to replace my three year-old glasses with two pairs from OWNDAYS near my new place – I got the second pair at half off, which made my total come up to $270! What a deal. I’m no longer afraid to get onto the wrong bus now.

It feels like forever since I’ve turned the lens onto myself – it’s been a month since I moved into my new apartment, and we’re still not done unpacking. For all that I emphasized on living minimally in this tiny little place, I sure do hoard an obscene amount of stuff. There’s still so much to purge… to add insult to injury, I even managed to collect a sizeable number of bruises in my numerous attempts to clean house. Check out the bruiser on my right shin this week:

Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 Surprise Box: Crumpler photoshoot.

Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 Surprise Box: Crumpler photoshoot.

I’m loving the Polly Pocket colours in this lightweight and weatherproof backpack, and got inspired to dress in a similar colour scheme. Yay colours! One of my favourite toys back in the 90s was a small Polly Pocket clamshell in this very green. If only Mattel refrained from making her go down the Barbie/Bratz route twenty years later. :(

I’m undecided on whether I should keep this bag or do a giveaway – on one hand, I’ve a drawer full of bags (I’m still using the American Tourister for when I have to carry laptops around). On the other hand, this backpack wouldn’t take up space in a luggage at all for when I travel. Decisions, decisions! For now, I’ll just concentrate on trying to get enough sleep. Stay tuned, perhaps?

Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 Surprise Box: Crumpler photoshoot.

Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 Surprise Box: Crumpler photoshoot.

Anyway, if you’re new to Lazada and are joining the fray this month, here’s some good news – the first hundred new customers take 18% off their cart (capped at $6) with the voucher code LAZPARTYNC6 during the festival from 24 – 26 April. Happy birthday shopping everyone!

Crumpler Proud Stash backpack (c/o Lazada)
OWNDAYS glasses
Forever 21 earrings & denim shorts
Topshop crop top
Daiso socks & cat collars

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.


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