Las Vegas: The Party

The girls organised a partying trip over the weekend to Las Vegas at the end of June, and while it wasn’t the first time I’d been to Las Vegas [see here, here, here, and here], it definitely was the first time I had gone with the purpose of drinking and dancing like the locals do, instead of the touristy stuff I did at the more populated end of the strip last year.

Day 1: Light Nightclub

Our first night on a Friday was to the much-anticipated Light Nightclub. Lilli had previously contacted a nightclub promoter who was referred to her from her friend to arrange our free entry into the club; it was fascinating to me, since I had never heard of such a thing as a promoter before. Apparently, they’re the middlemen who earn their commissions by the number of girls they get into the clubs that they are affiliated with. I never heard of them back when I used to go clubbing in Singapore donkey years ago. But anyway, here was Day One:

Group photo before going to Light nightclub in Las Vegas.Ela, Ssen, Lilli, Jen, Liz, Angie, TJ, me.

Outfit for Light nightclub in Las Vegas: Forever 21 little black dress, Shop Notice necklace, white 1460 classic Dr. Martens boots, Cotton On silver bangles.F21 dress + Shop Notice necklace + Cotton On bangles + Dr. Martens boots

Tickets for Light nightclub, Las Vegas.Our tickets for two free drinks to Light Nightclub!

Visuals at Light nightclub, Las Vegas.The feature wall was decked in lots of display screens, which was pretty cool, if only the visuals were more interesting than what we saw that night.

Cirque Du Soleil acrobats above the dancefloor of Light nightclub in Las Vegas.Light Nightclub is known for its Cirque Du Soleil performers gracing the dance floor. It was so cool to see them in action! They were everywhere- lining the sides of the dance floor, suspended from and flying across the ceiling… there was even a king who just sat on the throne overseeing the dance floor through the night.

Ren and Lilli at Light nightclub, Las Vegas.Me and Lilli, while Ssen laughs at something in the foreground. They helped me with my eyeliner, since I’m horrible at makeup.
Photo from Lilli.

Dance floor at Light nightclub, Las Vegas.Caught in action. A guy actually came up to me and said that he wanted to dance with me but I danced too crazy. Not sure if insult or compliment. XD
Photo from Lilli.

Ren at the swinging chair at Light nightclub, Las Vegas.Photo from Lilli.

Day 2: The Other end of the Las Vegas Strip

The next day was split into two groups. Most of the girls went to Encore Beach Club, the party that happened in the daytime, while Lilli, Ssen, and I opted to hide under the shade of the Fashion Show Mall opposite Trump Hotel, where we stayed at.

Outfit of the day for day 2 in Las Vegas: Forever 21 magenta denim shorts and red floppy hat, T-shirt & Jeans geometric bag, Cotton On hi-low blue shirt, Dr. Martens classic white boots.Cotton On shirt + F21 hat & shorts + Dr. Martens boots + T-shirt & Jeans bag

Ren posing with a skull on the wall.To be or not to be: that is the question.
Photo from Lilli.

Starbucks cart giving away free bottles of coffee in Las Vegas.I spied this Starbucks cart in the middle of the atrium, and we loitered around it, wondering what it was for, until they started giving out free bottles of coffee. There were three different flavours to choose from. How awesome is that?

Ssen, Ren and Lilli with free bottles of coffee from Starbucks in Las Vegas.Ssen, me, and Lilli with our free coffee.
Photo from Lilli.

My painted nail sample in Las Vegas.After that, a lady stopped me and beckoned for me to go to her shop cart. Lilli and Ssen were skeptical at first, until the lady proceeded to give me a free nail pattern with the technology that her cart offered. We all got patterned nails!

Ssen and Lilli with their dinosaur-painted nails.Ssen and Lilli got a second one each after they discovered dinosaur patterns on the metal plate that was part of the nail transfer technology.

Tacos at Tacos el Gordo in Las Vegas.We later ventured out of the comfort of air-conditioning to get ourselves some tacos of the famed Tacos El Gordo. It was delicious.

And then we decided to pay a visit to Circus Circus, where the arcade games were in Vegas:

Interior of Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

UFO catcher of Pikachus at Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

Acrobatic show at Circus Circus, Las Vegas.An acrobatic showing happened while we were there, which was pretty cool to watch.

Gordon Ramsey's newly opened restaurant in Las Vegas.We passed by Gordon Ramsey’s newly-opened restaurant, Gordon Ramsay BurGR, at Planet Hollywood.

Ren tasting her free lobster ice cream.Got myself some free samples of Lobster ice cream at Planet Hollywood too.

Caribbean Jerk Chicken sandwich from Earl of Sandwich at Las Vegas.And a delectable dinner of Caribbean Jerk Chicken sandwich at Earl of Sandwich. Om nom nom.

Justin Bieber face on a blow up doll hanging out of a car for his concert in Las Vegas.Apparently, Justin Bieber was in town for a concert, and these jokers decided to parade a blow-up doll with his face pasted onto it down the strip. It was so amusing.

View of Las Vegas from the window at Trump hotel.View of Vegas from our hotel, right before we got ready for Day Two’s partying.

Day 2: Surrender Nightclub

Day Two was spent at Surrender Nightclub. It turns out that Surrender was the exact same venue as Encore Beach Club, which the rest of the girls had gone to earlier. Lol. Here was my very bling space-themed outfit.

Self-portraiture, outfit of the day: Forever 21 navy sequin crop top, Forever 21 silver hot shorts, Cotton On silver bangles, Steve Madden orange sling bag, Dr. Martens classic white 1460 boots.

Self-portraiture, outfit of the day: Forever 21 navy sequin crop top, Forever 21 silver hot shorts, Cotton On silver bangles, Steve Madden orange sling bag, Dr. Martens classic white 1460 boots.

Close-up of outfit of the day: Forever 21 navy sequin crop top, Cotton On silver bangles.

Close-up of outfit of the day: Forever 21 silver hot shorts, Cotton On silver bangles, Steve Madden orange sling bag.F21 top & shorts + Cotton On bangles + Dr. Martens boots + Steve Madden bag

Hotel Wynn, Las Vegas.

Mirror reflection self-portrait in Las Vegas.

Obligatory group photo with the girls before going into Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas.Photo from Lilli.

Kiss train while waiting to enter Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas.I didn’t fit in with the kiss train. >_<
Photo from Lilli.

Up to shenanigans while waiting to enter Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas.Fooling around while waiting to enter the nightclub.
Photo from Lilli.

Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas.

Group photo at Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas.Photo from Lilli.

Ren dancing in Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas.So according to Lilli, I had danced nonstop for five hours. I also apparantly gathered a few fans at the end of the night when I continued dancing while everyone else was chilling.
Photo from Lilli.

Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas.The indoor dance floor with lots of styrofoam strobe lights! We were passing through the floor and I made eye contact with a guy brandishing one, and he gave his to me. Yay!

Small group photo after a night at Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas.Ssen, Liz, Jen, Lilli and me. My strobe light had three light settings and it was so cool.
Photo from Lilli.

Ren and Lilli going home from Las Vegas in the morning.The morning after, where I obviously am not a morning person.
Photo from Lilli.

Hanging out with the girls has opened up so many sights and eateries for me in both Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. I’m really glad I was able to spend time in their company. When this has posted, I’d probably have reached Singapore. So let me just say this in advance:

I miss you California! It was an amazing experience and I’d do it again if I had to start over. ♥

[edit] I forgot to mention that we were there in the middle of the heat wave that struck California! It was an eye (and perhaps, pore)-opening experience to be stuck in the desert at 117 °F (47 °C) temperatures.


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