Floating in a swimming pool wearing Funfit floral bikini.

Keep Calm

I spent my first day of 2017 playing at the pool. I learnt long ago that Ottie’s version of swimming involves frolicking about the pool and generally ensuring that muscle aches are not in the immediate future… which is vastly different from my need to swim a few laps when I go dip my toes in chlorinated water. This time, I went Ottie’s route simply to wind down and relax when it’s time to relax. I purposely didn’t bring a pair of swimming goggles so that I wouldn’t feel compelled to do laps. 😂

Spending new year swimming and taking selfies at a pool.Brat #1 brought so much goodies from his recent trip to Korea! String cheese, citrus chocolates from Jeju Island, face masks, HONEY BUTTER CHIPS (a.k.a. the ever-present Honey Buddha Chips for anyone playing Mystic Messenger).

So I simply spent my time lounging at the jet spa area (my favourite part of the pool) and floating on the water. I actually regretted not bringing along a pair of sunglasses because the sun was kinda painful even through my closed eyelids…

Floating in a swimming pool wearing Funfit floral bikini.

Floating in a swimming pool wearing Funfit floral bikini.

Post-swim goodies: Honey Butter Chips (Mystic Messenger's Honey Buddha Chips), Famous Amos cookies, Banana.

Animated gif of Ottie dog paddling in the pool towards me.Ottie being a cutie and swimming towards me doggy paddle-style (without the use of his arms).

It was a good first day of the new year spent with family, feastings, and an entire first season of BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. I need more.

Funfit floral bikini
Penshoppe tank top
Forever 21 denim shorts
Aldo sandals

Photos of me assisted by Ottie.

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