K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop

This August, I was recently invited to the launch cum workshop of the 1 Day Magic beauty series by Japanese makeup brand K-Palette. The series consists of a Liquid Eyeliner, Fiber Mascara, Eyeglue Liquid, and 3D Palette, which I got to try first hand during the workshop. As someone whose daily routine consists of nothing much beyond BB cream and lipstick, it was quite literally the eye-opener… when I attempted to apply eyeglue liquid on my virgin eyelids in order to create a set of double lines. More details below!

Before I go on though, I’d just like to say that Publicist PR did another fine job for this event. The workshop was held at the Boathouse Restaurant on Fullerton Road, which offered quite the view of some of the popular tourist sights in downtown Singapore despite being a mere three-storey building. I was so excited that I arrived at the elusive venue about 20 minutes early. Oops, blogger faux pas. The guys were still busy setting up, but they kindly ushered me to a table, which I took as cue for photo-taking:

K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop entrance at the Boathouse Restaurant.‘Any girl can be super kawaii!’ Love the tagline.

K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop at the Boathouse Restaurant.

Table full of K-Palette goodie bags at the K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop at the Boathouse Restaurant.I need me one of them pretty mirrors. ♥

Glass of water at the Boathouse Restaurant.

Red tea at the Boathouse Restaurant.Can’t start my morning without the promise of free-flow tea. :)

Make-up artist Miho-san demonstrating the K-Palette 1 Day Magic beauty products during the K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop at the Boathouse Restaurant.The place started filling up, and the workshop finally started. Miho-san was the make-up artist who flew in from Japan specially for the launch event, and she was aided by a translator from the Philippines. I appreciated how she wore the K-Palette series- apparently her thick luscious eyelashes were not false, but a result of multiple applications of the K-Palette 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara. Cool.

K-Palette 1 Day Magic beauty series.We opened our goodie bags to unveil the kawaii 1 Day Magic products. I love how informative the packaging is by the way- the back of each is accompanied by illustrations highlighting the special features of said item, something I don’t seem to see too often when I’m browsing through makeup stores. It’s really useful when I want to differentiate one product from another.

K-Palette 1 Day Magic beauty series.From left to right:

1) 1 Day Magic 3D Palette I thought that this was a blusher at first, but in fact it really is an all-in-one facial contouring kit. The skin tone palette is touted as a convenient swatch for accentuating the facial structure- this basically covered every part of my face, even acting as eyeshadow and bringing my features forward by giving highlights and shadows to my nose and cheeks. For a moment there it felt like I was getting ready at RuPaul’s… The palette even boasts ingredients that include hyaluronic acid, water-soluble collagen and shea butter, all the better to protect and moisturise your face with. For those with sensitive skin, may I recommend applying this on a small area beforehand, as I broke out the next day and haven’t had a chance to check if this was the sole cause of my distressing skin problem.

2) 1 Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid This double eyelid creator set comes with an accompanying stick applicator that features a Y-shaped end on one side (to create lines) and a pointy end on the other (to set them). I tend to tell people I’m a single eyelid person, but I actually do possess a set of very fine double eyelids close to my lash line. This was a great opportunity to see how I would look like with obvious double eyelids so I was pretty excited, but also slightly apprehensive, because the thought of poking repeatedly at my eyeballs doesn’t seem so appealing to me. Perhaps it was due to that fear that I gave up after botching my right eye (don’t worry I applied too little glue to cause significant diistress when I pried my eyelids back up). The good thing about this is that it also doubles as a false eyelash glue, which will come in useful when I play with my small stash of colourful falsies.

3) 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner This was the product that I looked forward to the most. I’m in desperate need of a good eyeliner for when I play bridesmaid to Eve’s wedding in a couple of weeks, so imagine my delight when this godsend appeared, featuring an easy-to-apply brush with a pointy tip for versatile drawing. The waterproof formula is also fast-drying so it doesn’t smudge, yet for some reason was really easy to come off when I cleansed my face that night. I’ve had some pretty bad experience with eyeliners in the past when I started experimenting with makeup- smudging due to an oily eye area, staying on forever till I scrubbed my eyes raw, smelling really bad, and the list goes on, but this eyeliner had a great consistency and really is pretty wonderful. Personally my fave of the bunch. It really is tempting me to spend that extra 15 minutes every morning to outline my eyes.

4) 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara I mentioned earlier that our make-up artist Miho-san used this to achieve her extravagant lashes, and it did seem pretty incredible. The wand features a volumising mascara on one end (in black) and a white fiber mascara on the other. What you do is to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler first, and then apply the black volumising mascara followed by dabbing white fiber onto them. Don’t be alarmed if clumps of what seem to be dust motes lie benignly on your lashes, they will soon disappear as soon as you reapply the black mascara over them. Supposedly you could repeat these steps, layering fiber over fiber until you get up to 10 times the volume of your eyelashes. Dude that’s insane. I was pretty impressed by the length and noticeability of my eyelashes after two applications, though it does seem to take quite a bit of time to layer.

Here are some eye selfies of when I used the eyeliner and fiber mascara:

Step-by-step putting on K-Palette 1 day magic eyeliner and 1 day magic mascara.1) Lined my right eye with no problem at all, which was surprising considering how I’ve always seemed to have trouble with eyeliners due to my inexperience. You can also see my shy double eyelids from this angle!

2) Applied my first round of volumising mascara. I don’t exactly have short eyelashes, but still this added quite a bit of length to them.

3) In the midst of applying the fiber mascara, in which you can see the clumps resting on my lashes. “It’s snowing!” someone at my table exclaimed. Haha!

4) Tadaa first round of mascara application complete.

Make of the day featuring K-Palette 1 day magic eyeliner and 1 day magic mascara.Here’s a selfie about seven hours after the workshop. I even went for a medical checkup before this, where I had to change in and out of my clothes for a chest xray, so trust me when I say that this eyeliner and mascara are pretty sturdy. My makeup stayed on for another six more hours (my day was excruciatingly long but very fulfilling) You’ll have to pardon the crease on my right eye where I forcibly unglued my botched double eyelid endeavor.

Selfie with blogger friend Eugy at the K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop at the Boathouse Restaurant.This pretty blogger sat next to me, Eugy from The Pretty Road Trip, and I was stoked that we were from the same community! She’s so cute with a sweet voice to boot. I was happy to have made a new friend in her. Hopefully we get to meet up in the future :)

And then we had food:

Salade D'canard at the Boathouse Restaurant.Our entree was a Salade D’Canard – Duck confit salad, green beans, shallots, and cherry tomatoes. I couldn’t stop eating this. The duck was so yummy and my only qualm with this was that I NEEDED MORE. I’m not too fond of having salads for mains, but this I would make an exception for.

Pancakes with a Twist with ham and bratwurst at the Boathouse Restaurant.I chose a Pancake with a Twist as my main – Mozzarella-infused pancake, turkey ham and cheese sauce, grilled bratwurst, and sauerkraut salad. This was definitely a twist. The salty tone of this dish was too much for me to handle, especially considering how I’ve been making and eating sweet pancakes every weekday recently for my baito. I loved the sides of bratwurst and sauerkraut, but I guess I’m not as adventurous as I thought I was in food after all. I mean, salty pancakes?!?

Classic Pancakes with berries at the Boathouse Restaurant.Eugy had the Classic Pancake – Classic pancake, wild strawberry creameaux, wild berries, basil & golden syrup. She had to leave for another appointment before the dish was served, which was a pity, but our table ended up splitting her meal. The creameaux was pretty yummy and went well with the pancakes (which was still less sweet than I’d have liked), though my table noted that it would have been nice if there was a bit more nommy creameaux for the pancakes.

Photo of Ren at the photobooth at the K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop at the Boathouse Restaurant. Photo by La Novella Studio.Photo by La Novella Studio.
Got myself shot at the K-Palette photobooth with some cute props. Turned out I was too tall for the frame in my heels so I had to crouch, which actually fit the kawaii theme.

Selfie with bloggers at the K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop entrance at the Boathouse Restaurant.More pretty bloggers Jody and Tiffany in our selfie after we were the last to leave the event (we ended up talking and getting to know each other at our table).

K-Palette Magic Beauty Workshop entrance at the Boathouse Restaurant.Jody took a photo of me. Thanks Jody!

A shoutout of thanks  to Publicist PR for planning such a pretty event (as always), La Novella for the event pictures, and to K-Palette and Boathouse Restaurant for hosting of course. It was an interesting morning of learning all about the new products and meeting new faces (Get it? Faces? Because transformational beauty workshop? Hur hur.)

My outfit of the day was planned with a two-piece in mind, since I had to go for a medical checkup. I loved using this fancy event as an excuse to wear my oh-so-comfy Jeffrey Campbells, which I believe I’ll never grow tired off; the brown of this pair of boots goes so well with the shades of browns in my outfit, and lends an air of chicness to an otherwise casual ensemble. I also took the chance to wear my red Matryoshka earrings that Evy so kindly gifted me from Belgium (so that I’m sandwiched in reds). Those babies garnered quite a bit of compliments at the workshop. =3

Outfit of the day (#ootd): Forever 21 tan chiffon blouse, M)phosis crinkle skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Cash heeled boots.

Jeffrey Campbell Cash Boots, Maroon cat socks from Taobao.My socks actually feature quite a few cats! Sadly, I scrunched them up to fit the look, so none of the felines actually appear.

Outfit of the day (#ootd): Forever 21 tan chiffon blouse, M)phosis crinkle skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Cash heeled boots.

[edit] By the way, K-Palette is organising a competition in which you could stand a chance to win the following:

1) K-Palette’s 1 Day Magic series (worth $100)
2) Stylish outfit (worth $150) c/o JRunway (ジェイランウェイ))
3) Haircut & Styling session (worth $158) c/o Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

For details on how to enter, please head on to their Facebook page. Competition ends 22 August, not 8 August as depicted.


Blouse from Forever 21
Skirt from M)phosis
Jeffrey Campbell boots from Chictopia
Socks from Taobao

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