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IMG_0365Say hello to my unimpressed face.


Deb, Jac and I were loitering around our office taking photos of ourselves because of our themed outfits (Urban Outfitters BDG jeans + black boots), when our colleagues Lex and Pho chanced upon us. Pho insisted on joining in our photoshoot, but we didn’t have the heart to tell her we were taking photos because of our outfits. Then Alex came along minding his own business and we thought what the hell, why not? So of course we had to take self-timing burst shots! Also I guess I forgot to mention to them that it was self-timed and multiple shots in the beginning… XD

Additionally, we had a dance/movement workshop later that same day so, you know, this could be considered a warm-up session of sorts. :P


IMG_0313Jac, Deb, and I are not advertising for Urban Outfitters, I swear. XD

Anyway, I got this pair of wacky jeans when Urban Outfitters promoted an additional 50% off sale items. They have these sales some times, luring me whenever I get the notice in my inbox. How can you resist $5 jeans such as this?!? Also, I love high-waist bottoms, because I tend to worry when I wear the usual skinny jeans and am able to pull them straight down and off when I’m lazy, without unbuttoning them. Who knows what outrage of modesty could happen with a little persuasion?

Looking at these pictures makes my heart twinge, because Jac is on a plane back to Singapore right now. It’s a pity we never got to spend more time saying goodbye to her and 3sa; we’ve been so tired lately, what with Deb and my moving out of our current apartment soon and meeting new faces and packing. So much packing. Jac and 3sa had seven suitcases among them! It was frightening to see the amount of stuff and extrapolate the horrors I would be facing come August when I leave to go back to Singapore.

Yup, you heard that right. I decided not to renew my contract here, to go back to home sweet food home! I’ve been missing Singapore terribly and I guess my stint here ought to be drawing to a close. I love the projects and the workplace and the sights, but it gets so lonely sometimes. Plus the food back home really rocks. And I’m not even saying that because I was raised on it. Really.


Uniqlo bra-top
Forever21 boyfriend cardigan
Urban Outfitters BDG jeans
Fila boots
T-shirt & Jeans sling bag

Special thanks and credit to Deb who photographed me!


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