Japan: Goodies

Some sketchbook pages:

You know, I could probably kill someone with a mechanical pencil if I poked it in the right place with the right amount of hostility… That blunt pair of scissors? Definitely not as effective. Just saying. :P

Left page: done during the flight to and fro Haneda airport and Asahikawa airport. If you can’t tell, I took a lot of liberties writing the words Haneda (羽田) and Asahikawa (旭川). XDD
Right page: mindless doodling while waiting for the flight back home on the last day. Our plane was delayed for three hours! Crazy.

Left page: mapped out the interior of the JE shop because they didn’t allow pictures in there.
Right page: sketches from my trip to La Foret and McCafe where I had dinner.

And the goodies. Most of them, at least. Does anyone else have the habit of photographing their haul after a trip abroad?

Stuff from Kyoto

These beautiful washi (otherwise known as origami paper) and super cute tiger mum and baby origami were given by a random old lady when she approached Senpai and I on the streets of Teramachi. The both of us were obviously lost and consulting the huge Kyoto map while trying to get our bearings, so she was a godsend. She even made the crane origami while we walked towards the nearest train station! :DDD

For the One Piece fans – Kyoto-only Chopper!  Shasha and I have a matching set, because trannymaiko!Chopper is too cute to resist. XDD

Pretty postcards after visiting Kinkakuji. So pretty I had to keep one for myself. XD

The awesome Lego sweets from Nishiki Market. Too bad they tasted pretty awful… That’s Mum in the background with a Lego sweet in her mouth btw.

Stickers from Loft– I still can’t get used to calling them ‘seals’ in Japan. The cute animals come to mind instead. Speaking of which, I used to have this huge white seal plushie when I was younger… *_*

Stuff from Hokkaido

A closer look at the pride and joy that are the glass beads that I made in Furano. XDD

The Seibu in Asahikawa was having a bit of a sale. I know I should stop buying leggings, but these were quite hard to resist…

Stuff from Tokyo

The other bag that I bought in Ameyoko. It was bought after I realised that I didn’t have a large enough hand-carry for when I wanted to lug my goodies back home, but the other pink foldable tote that I’d bought at the same time turned out to be so handy that this wasn’t used at all. Love the print so much!

I can always count on Paris Kids being at Takeshitadoori in Harajuku. =3

Postcards from Nakano Broadway. Love love love these illustrations~

Spoils from the Usavich tikam machine that was also in Nakano Broadway. I still didn’t manage to get the naked one after four tries– but I did get all four different figurines, which counts for my luck I suppose.

Two Totoro keychains from the Ghibli museum shop for Ade and Puey– you know it’s expensive when even Japanese teenagers exclaim over the price. ^^;

We got this at the entrance. Everyone’s were different, and I was lucky to get a screenshot from Kiki’s Delivery Service, one of my fav Ghibli films. <3

I bought three children’s books from Kino!

The beautiful Kuma to Yamaneko.

The whimsical Tsumiki no Ie.

And the wacky, colour-explosion that is Boku wa Chameleon.

Plus! The awesome that is Saint Young Men from bookstore Tsutaya. It’s so nice to have the pretty shimmery covers in my hands. <333333

And you’ve only really been to Tokyo if you’ve had freebies thrust upon you on the streets. :D

Noms from Narita Airport

Green tea and Sakura Green Tea Kit Kat. The sakura green tea ones tasted like perfume. :S

Cheesecake and Shoyu Kit Kat. The cheesecake ones were nice, but the shoyu ones were not so.

Black Sesame Egg. It looks like an egg, but it’s a ball of black sesame paste enclosed in a thin layer of sponge and white chocolate.

Bought Tokyo Banana after I heard a lot of gushing about this, but my family and I didn’t see what’s the big deal about these… I guess one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Shiroi Koibito! Now that is something that I’d buy everytime I go to Japan. It’s absolutely delicious.

And this concludes my Japan trip reportage. Finally! :D


  • shasha

    OMG! Lovely goodies! I have stuff to say for almost everything you bought! :D

    1) But first off, lovely sketchbook turned scrapbook/collection book XDDDDD
    2) Maiko Chopper! XDD Yaay! Pair! I’m never gonna use it though… cos I always end up losing my keychains/mobile accessories ): Like my Gintama Justaway gashapon *sobs*
    3) Your mom is so adorable. And haha, the Lego sweets look cute but erm, I think you could tell from the colour that it wouldn’t taste so good? :p
    5) Hurrah for Vivienne Westwood leggings. If there are leggings that nice all the time, I think you shouldn't even try to resist :D
    6) The bag does have such a lovely print!
    7) Hey! I remember Paris Kids! :DDDD
    8) Usavich lol. And yeah, getting 4 different kinds is already lucky~
    9) Ghibli merch and entry paper thing are love! <3
    10) The illustrations on the postcards, bookmarks and omg, the children's books! You can always tell a Japanese and English children's book apart. But both are lovely~
    11) For the purchase of Saint Young Men, I salute you! *salute*
    12) The food. Haha, you can open a mini mini-mart XP And yup, heard a lot about those banana things. How was it like, other than not as amazing as it was supposed to be?

    And dammmmnnnnnn, I must really go! I think I'll need like 10k. Hahahahaha.

    • ✿ren


      YES GO PLS! Maybe next time we can go tgr! But tt’s very far in the future… OTL

    • shasha

      HAHA! Thank you, thank you! *bows*

      And yes, please let’s go together next time. Yeah, I’m thinking very distant future, but what hey, as long as we eventually go :D

  • paula

    I found your blog yesterday and I still have no words to describe how much I like it! Your photographs and drawing are simply amazing :)

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