Jac, Deb and Ren in style.

Jac’s Birthday Photoshoot

Deb, Jac, and I decided to take some time off to shoot a special birthday photoshoot in celebration of Jac’s 19th one day last December. But really, it was just an excuse to have some camera obscura fun.

Jac, Deb and Ren in style.

Jac and Deb BDG floral Jeans.

Jac's name arranged from fallen leaves.

Jac's Dr. Martens in a sea of autumn leaves.

Jac in artistic falling leaves shot.

T-shirt & Jeans bag,

Close-up of gold H&M tiered leaves earrings.Photo credit to Deb.

Ren in River Island panda scarf.Photo credit to Jac (and to Deb for the leaves).


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