Irresistible Me Hair Accessories: Sneak Peek

Let me just dedicate a post to the Irresistible Me pretties sent my way, because I hadn’t had time to do so what with all the packing and unpacking over the last couple of weeks. It was so hard looking on helplessly but not having the time to style these five carefully packaged hair accessories that arrived via FedEx during the move. I’m so glad to finally be able to show off my new acquisitions and the sneak peeks of my style shoots!

Irresistible Me Haul: Sophia Hair Chain, Aurora Tiara, Jade Hair Chain, Hera Hair Comb, Isis Headband.

Loving all these bling. <3

Styling an Irresistible Me gold Jade Hair Chain.Jade Hair Chain
I styled this hair chain in my previous Bohemian Luxe shoot and got a couple of queries over it. I loved the unusual breadth of this over-the-head piece and the spots of colour in pink and green of the center and side highlights. It was pretty perfect to complete the themed look.

Styling an Irresistible Me Hera Hair Comb.Hera Hair Comb
This beautiful platinum silver hair comb had the right amount of pearl accents and contouring as a feature piece on my head. I love the delicate detail of the florals, and how it instantly brightened up my casual look in this sneak peek (with cats). It was a bit heavy though, so wearing it semi-loosely as I did wasn’t a particularly smart move on my part. Securing it in a bun would probably be way better; a french twist, perhaps?

Styling an Irresistible Me Isis Headband.Isis Headband
If hair combs aren’t your thing, why not wear a floral piece securely fastened to a metal headband? This headband featured a different style of floral motifs, and was made of a darker metal, which blended in better with my hair. However, I liked that the headband, while looking less delicate than the hair comb above, still added a touch of sophistication to my look. Also, this was one of my prettiest lighting for shoots. I love the golden hour! Alas, working a day job means that I’m usually stuck in the office during that crucial one-hour window. Living on the equator has its downsides like that.

Styling an Irresistible Me Aurora Tiara.Aurora Tiara
I couldn’t resist getting myself a tiara, even though I find practically no use for it. But it was fun to use it as an excuse to dress up like a princess! Loving the abstract crown, made up of ascending spokes adorned with a sparkly crystal in each center. I was initially quite worried for this particular item, as the spokes were thin and susceptible to damage during shipping. My fears were unfounded when I opened my package to find enough bubble wrap surrounding the items… the five items were even split into two boxes just so that the heavier pieces wouldn’t damage the others!

Styling an Irresistible Me Sophia Hair Chain.Sophia Hair Chain
My last outfit sneak peek features a simpler piece, a series of three thin chains joining two winged features that were easily clipped onto my hair. I liked the convenience of the crocodile clips as opposed to the hair combs that were featured on the other items in their accessories line, as this meant that I could wear this piece loose like so. It was perfect to set off the complicated patterns of my clothes.

Can’t wait to show the rest of my outfits soon! Irresistible Me is actually better known for their line of high quality hair extensions, and they do international shipping, so check them out if you’re interested. I myself prefer shiny things, so of course I chose their accessories. No regrets there. :)


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