Imma be Famous



Because my resolution for the new year is to destroy my image as much as possible. Here are the lines I wrote for that one particular jingle that was on loop while Ottie and I rested our tired asses. Also, that’s Ottie’s hand making the video 1000% better.

Here we are at the John Little sale
Our butts are tired that’s why we gotta bail
Sit outside the shop no one’s gonna care
Security’s gone and we don’t know where

We’re waiting on our friends to go grab some food
Another friggin’ hour to make space- that’s good
Playing with our phones like the Gen X kiddos
Giving likes and shares and props and kudos

Sitting on the orthopedic plastic chairs
Designed to stimulate spine repairs
Looks like a kiddy car seat to me
But hell if it’s childish- it’s freaking free

Well I guess it’s time now to close this rap
I’ve sat long enough now to bridge this gap
Thanks y’all for watching something so lame
This is Ren signing off, good night and good game

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