I am home & graduated…

Or in the words of Kimkim, “ORD lo!!!”

I definitely get my crazy from mum XDDD

Highlight of the day was when I took off my heels in the car to slip into my comfy slippers, only to realise with absolute horror that I’d been wearing the left shoe on my right foot, and vice versa. OMG WTH IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?! ROFL

Ultimate fail. OTL

In other news, I’m probably going to clear my backlog posts before attempting to blog about my Japan trip XDD

I have to say though, it’s good to be back home in familiar toilets, despite the sudden influx of diarrhea attacks ever since touchdown. It’s been six days and I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that it’s a case of stomach flu instead of just stressed bowels… Oh well! It’s too late to regret all the food-sharing I’ve done ^^;

Anyways, hello again dear blog!!!


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