Happy Father’s Day 2014!

It’s good to have parents. It’s better to be able to spend time sharing things I enjoy with them. Pa has never been one to be comfortable in front of the camera; most of his non-candid photos have him looking sternly into the camera, despite laughing just a moment before the capture. It’s an interesting phenomenon actually.

I’ve recently incorporated outfit photos into our drink sessions, and I’m glad I did. He once commented about the increase in exposure, to which I replied that it would be something to remember him by when he dies. “You don’t need to remember me after I’m dead,” he said, just as bluntly. But he indulged me in this semi-obsession nonetheless. Thank you.

Animated gif of Ren and dad on a rocking horse at a playground.

Cute selfie of Ren and dad.My selfie game is off with the dSLR, but I love the unintentional crop. This is probably the most fun I’ve seen Pa be for a photo. :*

Both my parents have faults, but they do their best as parents, and I’m grateful to be born from them.

Happy Father’s Day. ♥

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