Giverny: Floral-inspired Beauty

Lately, I’ve very much been into flowers – if you haven’t already caught on through my recent sketches – these colourful and somewhat alien blooms are so fascinating! I can’t wait to pay another visit to the flower farms for something to put in my bottles, although they are a little pricey… anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that Korean beauty brand Giverny incorporates flowers into some of their products. If you’re confused about the name like I was, don’t worry – I’ve looked it up; the brand took inspiration from the place of Claude Monet’s famous landscapes – it’s where the Impressionist painter lived and worked for about 43 years until his death in 1926.

Copic Multiliner Color Set 0.3 mm in Cobalt, Olive, Sepia, Wine.It so happened that I’d been hankering to try out my newly-acquired Copic 0.3 mm Multiliners in Cobalt, Olive, Sepia, and Wine. My trip to Art Friend brought such strain to my wallet, but look at how colourful my life has become as a result. 😂💸

Copic Multiliner pen sketch of Giverny White Blooming Cream with passion flower and butterfly-bush.The White Blooming Cream is a whitening and moisturising product which, with all products in its White Blooming line, uses the Purple Flower Therapy – passion flower, butterfly-bush and other ingredients are incorporated together to help release tension and improve circulation. Apparently, the passion flower extract also helps to even out skin tone? I don’t even know how it works but I’m going to be eating more passionfruit from now on.

Copic Multiliner pen sketch of Giverny Water Relief Skin with cornflower, borage, blue lotus.Water Relief Skin is a moisture booster which helps to boost and maintain moisture balance on the skin. The Water Relief Moisture Line uses the Blue Flower Therapy – this includes cornflower, borage, blue lotus and other ingredients that hydrates. With Ottie’s and my recent exposure to the dry and cold weather of his hometown, this would probably have been a godsend. The both of us had been so used to not needing to moisturise every-single-part of our bodies in Singapore that we totally forgot to do so for the first week of our trip. Big mistake. We know better now!

I believe that I’m going to be using these pens more often even though 0.3 mm nibs are a little too big for the scale of my drawings. I can’t wait to see how they look with my forgotten stash of Copic markers!

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