Girl with the Golden Hand

Last month, Shasha and I had a date! :DDD

Shasha is super cool! Also, it was a total coincidence that the both of us wore lace tops. Really. We are such soulmates. Hahaha!

That little girl’s hand has been touched so often that the paint has worn off. It’s kinda gross come to think about it…

✿ Grey pocket dress: Max & More
✿ Navy lace cardigan: Mouth Valley (Japan)
✿ Floral chiffon skirt: online
✿ Floral boots: Wonder Rocket (Japan)
✿ Lace headband: Paris Kids (Japan)
✿ Yellow rose ring: Malaysia
✿ Black RR necklace: made by Ruru
✿ Reversible cloth bag: made by Yingz

After some alone time with Shasha, we went to meet the rest of the group outing Animation people to visit the Manga & Anime Japan exhibition at the  Japan Creative Center:

Me & Shasha.

ShiC & Tintin.

Each of us chose a secondhand tankoubon as a door gift when we left. :D

The following iPhone photos were taken by ShiC:

C-c-c-c-c-crazy Eyes Vader!

Anyway, news update:

I will be going to Los Angeles for the first half of 2011 for an internship. After that I will be deported back into Singapore like the illegal immigrant that I am. Will make a post in the future asking for advice and such about living in L.A. or in the U.S.A. in general! Quite excited, but I hope that you guys would also reassure me that I won’t be shot down while minding my own business on the streets… I’m even considering not packing red clothes because I don’t want to be a walking target for some stranger’s shooting practice. *Paranoid person is paranoid*

Also, today marked the end of the first week of my new job. I’m still loving it very much, although it largely cuts into my social life (read: internet time)– but that’s probably because I’ve yet to get used to waking up early. Perhaps I’ll muster up enough energy as time goes by after work on weekdays to do anything more than listlessly scan through my flist or something. ^^;


  • shasha

    I enjoy my dates with you, and yes, we are soul mates <3 HAHAHA.
    Gonna miss not dating you for six months *sobsob*

    ANW, I have the photos. Those photos. Related to this post. You know what I'm talking about right? (Lol.)

    And glad that you're enjoying your job!!! :D

    • ✿ren

      YES WE MAY HAVE TO INCLUDE FIONA INTO OUR 3P SHE IS DAMN FUNNY. Seriously, we talk a lot of crap while working, which is mainly why I love this job so much. XDDDDD

    • shasha

      I love Fiona. She’s super nice. Reminds me of qq. And she’s cute, and hilarious. Yeh :p You’re working with her, and I’m working with her boyfriend. Hahaha.

      But wait, what’s 3p?

  • Mary

    I love the photos of you guys and the statue-so cute! Also, congrats on your job!!

    I laughed when I read about you not wearing red in LA. And I would offer tips about living in the US, except that LA is not like any place else in the US. Please don’t take the people in LA as representative of Americans-lol! Anyway, that’s very exciting.

    I hope you’ll get to visit some other cities while you’re here too.

    • ✿ren

      Hehe THANK YOU!!!

      Yup I’m going to the internship with a friend and we’re discussing on visiting a few cities (even all the way to NY for the art galleries!). So hopefully we’d be able to do that on weekends?

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