Gentle Visuals: Fune wo Amu

This was a quick outfit photo for work a while back, taken with my new phone – I’m still testing the limits of its camera, but it definitely doesn’t compare to my dSLR in the colours it produces. However, the phone is about ten times lighter, so it suffices when I’m too tired to lug the big one all over the place after work.

Casual outfit: Cotton On heather grey bodycon dress, Thrifted vintage school cardigan, Timberland blue lace-up boots, Firmoo red glasses.

I discovered a new anime, Fune wo Amu (舟を編む), which started airing this fall. It’s an anime about making a dictionary. A freaking dictionary. I love the premise, and while I don’t consider myself a wordsmith of any sort, the fact that it delves into definitions and semantics sets it apart from all the comedies and action stories populating the landscape. I was hooked 8 minutes in when the main character broke down the Japanese phrase, ‘to read the air’ (空気を読む), which means ‘to read the situation’, and from there derived the different meanings of air. It helped too that the visuals were pretty, there’s a super cute fat cat, and the slow, gentle pace is simply relaxing. I’d put this anime in the same category as all-time favourites Mushishi (蟲師) and Haibane Renmei (灰羽連盟), even though all three of them have nothing in common whatsoever in terms of plot and visual styles.

Here are some pretty screenshots:

Fune wo Amu anime opening

Fune wo Amu anime cat

Fune wo Amu anime episode 1

I’m looking forward to the next episode!

Cotton On dress
Firmoo glasses
Thrifted cardigan
Timberland boots

Outfit photo assisted by Ottie.

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