Furano: Tomita Farm

Pollen post ahoy! Sixty-nine photos ahead.

Perhaps you’d like to brew a cup of coffee of rummage through the kitchen for some snacks while this post loads. :D

View from Furano Station.

Why does Japan even have cutesy pole-holders? I am jealous. XD

If you stare hard enough at the tiles of the second house from the left, you’d realise that one of the tiles is white. That is the baseball.

We enrolled in a workshop to make glass beads at Sora:

I love that this place used to be a train carriage. <3

Mine, Senpai’s, and a sample.

Making the glass beads was pretty stressful, but we were very happy with our results. XDDD

Paper aprons to protect clothes from raging oil.

Flowers ahoy!

Senpai noticed that a lot of tourists took photos of themselves in this position, so she bade me to do the same. Lol.

Her boyfriend was torturing her by repeatedly saying「もう一度」(‘one more time’). I took pity on her, really, I did. If they still don’t have a decent picture of her jumping, let them know that I do. ^^;

Melon soft cream was yummy! Did not dare to try the Lavender soft cream (seeing as I don’t like lavender potpourri).

Back to Sumire Ryokan, where I tried to molest Kokko (to no avail):

Senpai said that Kokko may just try to swipe at my colourful toes when I tried to use them to attract Kokko’s attention from the kitchen. XDD

So stoic, what a man. XD

Senpai also laughed when she noticed how my knee bruises are symmetrical. I swear I have no idea why I keep bumping my knees into things. OTL

And then we had Omucurry (omelette Rice + curry) for dinner. I was initially pretty wary of it because I can’t tolerate spicy foods, but this was still edible with a lot of iced water:

I kept the flag. :D

Next up, more flowers, and a wedding couple from afar!

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5 thoughts on “Furano: Tomita Farm

  1. You don’t like lavender potpourri, but you went to lavender fields? Um, wouldn’t a whole field of that smell bother you then? LOL. Seriously, gorgeous flower pics. You take amazing photos and love the captions too.

    1. Hahaha thank you! And the fields didn’t smell at all! Honestly, I quite forgot that I disliked the smell of Lavender until I took a whiff of a dried bunch of Lavender flowers in a souvenir shop, and even then I had to be very close to even smell it. XDD

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