Furano: Flowers & Wine

A summary of the following fifty-seven photos in this post- more flowers, a wedding couple from HK, the streets (and mountains) of Furano, and an awfully fun time at an izakaya.

I’d been meaning to take an outfit shot at this wall the previous day:

✿ salmon boyfriend shirt: snatched from tintin
✿ black floral jumper: la foret (japan)
✿ dark grey sneakers: rubi

My remote was acting up so I got Senpai to help me press the shutter. XDD

There’s this hilarious story behind this jumper (at my expense, as usual). It was very sunny in Tokyo, so I got around to wearing my shades. When I squeezed into the crowd for the massive clothing sale, I picked out two jumpers and asked Senpai for her opinion.

“Which one is nicer, the brown one or the not-so-brown one?” I asked.

I didn’t understand her look of confusion until later on that night when I took it out to pack into the luggage. “Omg it’s black!” I exclaimed. Apparently I’d forgotten that I was wearing my shades while shopping. XDD

We then spent the night laughing at all the stupid things I’d done ever since touching foot in Japan. Like inserting the Suica card into the ticketing slot (which was a very bad thing to do) and etc. Sometimes I wonder if my brain cells have all atrophied. OTL

I’d originally wanted to go to the wall through this route, but the people of Hokkaido seem to love spiders. They actually live long and prosper in this place! In this case, there were three gigantic webs obstructing the way. :(

Shikisai no Oka

This couple from Hong Kong flew all the way over here to take their wedding photos! They even had two relatives with them. Now this is what I call dedication. Or obscenely rich. XDD

The tanukis were in pretty poor shape… I think they’d gone mad. Am not sure why they were kept there and in such cramped quarters. :(

We left the place and walked towards the nearest station (not advisable- either drive, take a bus, or cycle):

Kanno Farm

After that we rented bicycles near a station and cycled down to Kanno Farm.

I am afraid of many things. Mannequins are one of them, probably because of the uncanny valley. :(

We liked how they used wood shavings for the flooring instead of the usual fare of pebbles.


After that we went back and walked around Furano.

That’s a tree, or vine of some sort. Amazing.

Senpai probably thought I was crazy when she asked where we should go, and I replied with, “Towards the mountains, at the edge of the town!”. But she relented and on we went. :D

I don’t even.

The bellybutton town Furano!

School kids practising tennis and soccer. Aaah, fresh mountain air.

High school girls sitting on the bank of the river. I wish I had a huge-ass lens too. :(


We had dinner at Robata, an izakaya highly recommended by Sumire.

Senpai doesn’t consume alcohol, so I ended up drinking the whole bottle of Furano wine. :(
It’s nothing special as wine goes, but then again I’m more of a beer person. :P

I dig the decor so much!

Somehow we struck up a conversation with these two ladies (by that I mean Senpai talked to them and I nodded my head at the appropriate times HAHAHA). And then after that it somehow turned into chatting with people across the table as well. It was like the whole place turned into one whole big meet & greet session! Awesomely awesome people. ♥♥♥

And then it was back again to Sumire Ryokan where I tried to molest the cats again:

I broke my jumper in my excitement at witnessing Gin’s acrobatic performance by bending over too much. :(

The plastic holding the strap of the jumper broke. Sad!face.

Next, we leave Sumire Ryokan (noessss) and head down to the gorges of Sounkyo, plus chanting hairy crab all the way to dinner time at Asahikawa! Yummeh.


  • ai

    Gorgeous flowersssss!

    Were you purposely standing slanted in one of the photos? XDDD
    AAAANDDD!!! I thought you were wearing your jumper under one of your boobs on purpose and though WTF?! But the strap actually broke? Aww :/ Fixable?

    • ✿ren

      YAR!!!!! When I saw myself in the mirror after the plastic ring snapped, I was like, OH HELLO JANET JACKSON (only not as terrible). Haiz. There’s no saving the ring, but I could probably piece a length of wire or cloth and do the same for the other strap. (but I’m so lazyyyyy) OTL
      And not really, I was just a bit heck cared to align the tripod properly. XDDDD

  • catherine_sr

    I love how your jumper coordinates with that awesome wall! Your photos are feeding my longing to visit Japan. I’m going home for two weeks in a month or so and the flight might include a 3-hour stopover in the Tokyo airport. I am SO excited about actually being in Tokyo (even if it is just the airport terminal) that it’s kind of sad… but seriously, it’s Japan, eeeeee! (And I’ll be able to make a proper trip with my husband later.)

    • ✿ren

      Hehe thank you! Yea I was thinking that this would be a perfect kind of camo suit. XDD
      AND YES go go!!! Hmm but I’m worried that with 3 hours, you’re either going to be rushing like mad or end up seeing nothing… it takes about an hour to travel from Narita airport to Tokyo station or Harajuku station (for that famous shopping street! I loves), so you’ll end up with roughly an hour for sight-seeing. But Narita airport does have quite a selection of souvenir shops and lots of Japanese snacks to buy back! I highly recommend Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人), and quite a lot of people love Tokyo Banana, so you could buy some of that too. :D

  • maggie

    Oh my gosh this is probably one of the best posts I’ve seen on ANY Blog! I love your jumper…I so wish I could be as beautiful as you are!! Amazzzing! And amazing pictures too!

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