Fly Away Birdie

Ottie and I paid a visit to Deb before her exams one day, and while I worried about eating too much (geddit) into her studying time, it was good to catch up with a former roommate and fellow adventurer in LA (see Halloween 2012, Culver City, and most definitely house-sitting by the beach). Those times seem so long ago now!


imageNoms were had at Tiong Bahru Bakery.

Anyway, I dug out my birdie dress from my wardrobe this trip out. It’s been a while since it’s surfaced, even though I love the panel of pink and all those colours on the chirpy prints. But the thing about loud pieces such as this is that they dominate the outfit, and so I space them out in order not to tire of it. It’s why I always prefer having separates to mix-and-match with; some of my clothes have stayed with me for years that way!

As much as I’m starting to embrace the term ‘fashion blogger’, the wastefulness of consumerism is pretty concerning whenever I think about it, especially since I’ve been reviewing my wardrobe with a critical eye in light of my impending move. Growing up wearing hand-me-downs or even continuing to wear clothes I’d long since outgrown have definitely made its mark on me; waste not, want not and all that. Lately, I’ve been going on less shopping trips and taking more pictures instead. I guess it helps that I’m one of those people who gets more excited over the prospect of exploring outfit possibilities with the same piece, than to don a completely new look every day. That’s not to say that new clothes don’t make me happy. It does, and very much so, but being mindful of my finances and of waste is pretty much my attempt in shaping my role as a responsible adult. Another year, another version of old, yo.

YRBFashion Asos pink birds dress, La Marelle pink bow necklace.

YRBFashion Asos pink birds dress, T-shirt & Jeans backpack, Dav black rubber rain boots, La Marelle pink bow necklace.

Dav black rubber rain bootsCute sheep socks from my recent trip to Korea.

YRBFashion Asos pink birds dress, La Marelle pink bow necklace.

YRBFashion Asos pink birds dress, La Marelle pink bow necklace.

Dress from ASOS c/o YRBFashion
Rain boots from Dav c/o Shopbop
Necklace from La Marelle
Socks from Kikiya Socks
Bag from T-shirt & Jeans

Photos assisted by Ottie.

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