Finger Jewelry

So I’ve never been much of a ring person, but ever since I acquired two obligatory ones over the past six months, I’ve been getting used to the weight of metal on my fingers. However, I can’t stand the lack of symmetry on my hands thanks to my ring finger, so I got some cheap rings from Forever 21 to balance things out until I’m comfortable with them.

Also, what was originally supposed to be a last-minute outfit shoot against the rapidly setting sun, turned out to be a petting session over a pretty neighbourhood cat we discovered.

Sunset pastel outfit.

Sunset pastel outfit.

Smashbox lipstick.My new Smashbox lipstick. Will probably talk about it more in a future post!

Petting a neighbourhood kitty.

Neighbourhood cat intrigued by my jewelry.

Cat yawning.

Neighbourhood cat intrigued by my jewelry.

Jewelry on a stone table.

White sweater – GU
Skirt & Rings – Forever 21
Martian socks & Sandals – Taobao
Rose Anatolia purse – 3D Bag Original
Amethyst necklace – DealSale

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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