Evie is ready to fly

So this was how I spent last night. Ten NTSC and ten PAL DVDs for a ninety seconds animation to submit to the school. I swear if you’ve watched it on the private screenings, you’d probably go, “Wth did I just watch, it just zoomed past me!”. It is a very very short clip. :P

The positioning template for the DVD stickers sucked so much that I went ahead and made my own. Go me! Also, Ti and I had fun pasting the stickers onto the DVDs. Ti was such a super n00b, one of my DVD labels is really off-center. Even my first attempt at pasting them was pretty good. Hah! Way to create a superiority complex, elder sis. XD

Anyway, ever since I’ve graduated, I’ve had people call me up solicitating me to buy their product/enrol in their courses (i.e. part with my money), together with a couple of job prospects- very little of such sort, and they aren’t even related to my field, but I go anyway because what the hey, just because I have a degree in animation doesn’t mean that I have to work in the industry yea.

All of these calls got me thinking about what I’m going to do with my first paycheck. I’m probably counting my eggs before they hatch, but these are definitely what I’m going to do with my imaginary income:

– $500: household expenses.
– $120: treat my family to a nice meal.
– $300: stash into the rainy-day fund.
– $200: stash into the I-want-a-new-camera/lens fund.
– $200: donate to the Singapore Cancer Society, and probably continue donating $100 regularly after that. Or rotate/split between charities.

That’s it for now.

Question time: How do you allocate your income?

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