Egyptian Mummies

Have you seen my avatar yet? It’s a cropped version of this freaky picture– like I’m an evil villain scheming to take over the world and inhaling thorns into my neatly-trimmed moustache because it’s my villain!habit while utilising brain cells XDD

Last week, I met up with Yuunsama and somehow the conversation turned to the possibility of me being a vindictive character. In the end, she concluded that I would cook up numerous elaborate schemes at home, but they would never be realised because (a) I would forget why I wanted revenge in the first place, and (b) I am too lazy to kickstart my plans.

In fact, when I said that I broke out my red leggings for the new year outfit in the last post? It was only when I posted the outfit on Weardrobe that I realised I was wrong.

Villain!fail. OTL

Anyway, this was what I wore to visit the National Museum’s Egyptian Mummy exhibition a couple of months back with Tintin. That’s the museum in the background :) I loved the paintings on the sarcophagi, and the exhibition even had two x-rays of the contents inside, which of course made me try to stand against the x-rayed bones to see whether I could fit into the sarcophagus they were in…

✿ green monster tee: gift (Thailand)
✿ long grey cardigan: bugis village
✿ watercolour teal printed skirt: miss sixties
✿ navy blue leggings (120 denier):  top20
✿ yellow mary janes: painted by me
✿ brown bag: handed down

This bag was one of two handed down to me from a great aunt when I visited her house during Chinese New Year.  I love the weathered look and it feels pretty cool to be carrying a bit of one of my favourite aunt’s history (she keeps a really cool garden). Also, THOSE HANDLES~ ♥

Surprise!!! My mary janes have holes!!! No wonder my feet got exceptionally wet whenever it rained… I shudder to think about what else I might have stepped on in ignorance…


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