East Ocean Teochew Restaurant & SingaPlural

So it seems that I am destined to be Cake Person in this trio. Ade’s birthday was on the last week of March, so Puey and I decided to spring another surprise birthday cake, this time from Pine Garden’s Cake. Turns out that everyone and their dads know about Pine Garden’s Cake except for me; it has had a history in the community it seems. As usual, I alighted the bus one stop too late, read the map wrongly, and walked blocks in the opposite direction before finally realising my error, at which point the skies suddenly opened up in a heavy downpour. Typical.

Luckily, despite not knowing my home country as well as any good citizen should, I do know to pack an umbrella. I also donned my Elizabeth cap, which offends Ottie to no end because I apparently look terrible in it; but being stylish wasn’t my agenda of the day- getting my mission done in the likely event of stormy weather was. So it was that I trudged through puddles, dealt with the brusque, no-nonsense shopkeeper at the bakery, packed the cake box in my trusty backpack, walked to the nearest train station in the ceasing rain, and then rushed to find our lunch venue before Ade did (she’s always either early or on time, and it was only by a hair’s breadth that I arrived before her), in order to pawn the cake off to the waitstaff.

I may or may not have unlocked an accomplishment level that morning.

We had lunch at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant. It’s located in Ngee Ann City, and it was so crowded that we had to wait for half an hour despite having made a reservation. The dim sum we ordered was not bad- some were good, and some were so-so. I just left everything up to Ade, the dim sum queen:

Ade, Puey, and Ren at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant.Ade, Puey, and I outside East Ocean Teochew Restaurant.

Dim Sum at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant.

Dim Sum at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant.This was really yummy. I don’t even remember what it was, only that it was surprisingly hard to stop eating it despite how wary I was from its appearance.

Dim Sum at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant.Here I am again getting a first jab at the food. This Liu Sha Bao (custard bun) was so delicious too (*w*)

Ade, Puey and Ren with birthday cake from Pine Garden's Cake at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant.Ade had previously expressed interest in their Lychee Martini cake when we were considering bakeries for Puey’s birthday, so I thought we ought to give it a try this time. It was good; in fact it was so good that we packed the leftovers and finished it after dinner. I suspect that it might be tastier had it been refrigerated, but until next time.

Ade trying to blow out trick candles on her birthday cake from Pine Garden's Cake at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant.Puey had also brought some trick candles just for Ade! It was so entertaining.

Watch her in action:


After lunch, we took a leisurely stroll down to The Cathay, dropping by the Singaplural exhibition being hosted at Dhoby Ghaut Green. I’d previously seen pictures of the installations on my Instagram feed, so it was quite exciting to be able to catch this on its last day.

Installations at SingaPlural.Puey, me, and Ade sitting on what I call the fish ball bench.

Installations at SingaPlural.We met this cutie pie volunteer at the site, who became our personal tour guide! She was so enthusiastic and had such a contagiously positive personality. Here we are with an installation that amplified the music from my phone.

Installations at SingaPlural.

Installations at SingaPlural.This was probably the moment that the leftover cake stuffed into my backpack did a topsy-turvy. Sorry guys.

Installations at SingaPlural.Getting a go at actually being on the see-saw. The other end of the see-saw had bronze birds affixed onto it, which from afar look like spikes, so I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be sat on like that…!?

Installations at SingaPlural.

Installations at SingaPlural.

Installations at SingaPlural.

Installations at SingaPlural.That rare moment in which I behave myself for photos.

Installations at SingaPlural.Photo by me.

Installations at SingaPlural.

Garden at Dhoby Ghaut Green.Nope I’m back to being Destroyer of Selfies.

Photos taken by Ade and edited by me unless otherwise stated.

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