Dress Dress Shorts

These were some outfit pictures that I took back home in Singapore. I miss my leggings. :(

Oops! Haha!

✿ Navy dress: River Island
✿ Black patterned leggings: gift
✿ Dark grey sneakers: Rubi
✿ Gold bird necklace: Paris Kids (Japan)

The second outfit is courtesy of Yuunsama! She gave it to me while I was shooting her pre-wedding photos. Pretty dresssssss. XDDD

✿ Pink lace dress: gift
✿ Grey knee-high socks: Cotton On
✿ Black elastic belt: Purpur
✿ Brown concealed heels: Muji
✿ Butterfly earring: gift

And lastly, the outfit with overly short shorts.

✿ Grey spaghetti: Uniqlo
✿ Black floral jacket: online
✿ Brown plaid shorts: Charlotte Russe
✿ Mustard leggings: Uniqlo
✿ Brown concealed heels: Muji

This is for Shasha. <33333


  • shasha

    Shasha loves this post <33333
    Adorable outfits!!! Totally love the first dress (it's black and the little skirt thingy is so cute!), the second dress is so Yuunsama, and the third one is a little boyish but I like it too! XD
    Counting the months when you'll be back. COME BACK HOR <3 Haha.

  • Mary

    Love all these outfits, but I think my favorite one is the shorts. I really like the mustard tights with the brown plaid shorts and black top. Seems like that wouldn’t be my favorite color combo, but it works and is super cute! Also like the background.

    • ✿ren

      Thank you! I usually find it really hard to match brown (why I even thought it would be a good idea to get brown leggings is still a mystery), but I thought that yellows and browns for banana and chocolate combos work for sweets, so they’d probably work for an outfit. XDD

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