Drawing Wedding Gowns From Aisle Style

I’ve been exploring drawing small, as mentioned in my last drawing post. It’s been an enjoyable experience getting myself re-introduced to all the art supplies that had otherwise been languishing in my neglected boxes for the past few years… it’s pretty meditative work, and a break from all the digital darkroom I tend to find myself doing in my free time.

Here are some studies of trending items from the Aisle Style 2016 wedding dresses collection, not just because wedding dresses are the epitome of poof and glamour and I’d like to juxtapose that with the reduction in my renditions. Of course, I had to bring in my fresh, albeit dying, flowers into the picture. Quite literally I might add. Have to make full use of them while they still retain their colour!

Wedding gown mini sketch in red pencil and orchid flowers.Inspired by: Elegant A-line Sweetheart Lace Chapel Train Lace Trim Tulle Wedding Dresses

I wanted to see if I could hint at the lace details with some pointillism, and was pleasantly surprised when it worked out. Minutiae is not the easiest with a 0.7mm pencil lead, but I really wanted to use this red pencil lead that’s been with me for a decade now.

Wedding gown mini sketch in red pencil and Gypsophila baby's breath flowers.Inspired by: Shoulder Straps Crystal Detailling Lace Bodice Flounce Tulle Wedding Dress

One of my favourites, if only due to the sheer amount of ruffles and folds this dress has. I could get lost in it, and had to take breaks in between drawing them because at some point I swear I was making ruffles up in some places.

Wedding gown mini sketch in red pencil and Paranormus plant.Inspired by: Shoulder Straps Floral Bodice A-line Chiffon Low Backless Beach Wedding Dress

The picture for this dress isn’t the best, so I had to imagine parts of it. I liked what looks to me a detachable train on the dress. Those frills up front though…

Wedding gown mini sketch in red pencil and potpourri.Inspired by: Dramatic Long Sleeved Lace Trimmed V Neck Mermaid Tulle Wedding Dress

The back of this dress was so exquisite! I loved the beaded detailing forming the spine and the lace webbing. It’s easily the prettiest back of a wedding gown of the lot here.

Wedding gown mini sketch in red pencil and potpourri.Inspired by: Simple Strapless Sweetheart Pleated Bodice Beading Sweep/Brush Train Organza Wedding Dress

A sweet short piece with a bow in the back; I’d grown a little tired of seeing long, sweeping trains everywhere. A hem that lightly kisses the floor can be romantic and classy too, yo.

Anyway, I finally broke out the cheap potpourri I got from Daiso a while back for the last two photos. Have yet to find a bowl large enough to hold these colourful bits and pieces, so I wound up stuffing these back into their original packaging after the shoot. Sigh, stuff which requires the purchasing of more stuff – such is the life of a consumer.

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