Deb and Ren Went Up the Hill…

Deb and I decided to go on an exploration in our neighbourhood one weekend morning. I guess it was still autumn, since the ginko tree near our apartment was a gigantic explosion of yellow. Deb was getting familiar with her camera, so we decided to have fun endangering ourselves on a lazy morning making weird poses in the middle of streets.






We chanced upon a house with a beautiful garden, and didn’t notice that it was home to a kitty cat lounging on a cushioned chair! It came up to greet us, and we couldn’t help but indulge it a bit before it decided that it had had enough and went back to ignoring us.




My turn to take some pictures of Deb and a spot of lallangs that decorated the outside of a house. Which was weirdly interesting because pretty as the plant is, it kind of is a weed and considered in some places to be a pest. XD




The three of us (Deb, Jac and I, though Jac didn’t join us in this exploration) seem to find ourselves in all sorts and manner of trespassing… ^^;


_MG_2972We did discover the cutest pitbull though! He just stood there all alert and stock still, staring at me as I took his picture while balancing on my toes on the narrow ledge to peer into some stranger’s backyard like the creeper I am.


Uniqlo floral bra-top, heattech knit tights
Forever21 denim shorts, boyfriend cardigan
H&M braided belt
Fila men’s boots

Photos courtesy of Deb (unless otherwise stated) and her camera.

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