Culver City Architecture Exploration

Outfit of the day: Forever 21 blue patterned dress, Urban Outfitters blue platform lace-ups, handmade floral wreath.F21 dress // UO shoes // Accessorize socks (gifted) // handmade floral wreath

Nam and I took off to my old neighbourhood, Culver City, for an architecture exploration one day. She’s an architecture major, so there were lots of insights when we saw the interesting buildings populating the art district. It was fun!

Reflections off spheres in Culver City.

Samosas and a tin of Milo malt chocolate in Culver City.We stopped by one of the Indian marts that I used to pass by but never dared go in, and got delicious samosas. I also snagged a precious tin of Milo. Sweet, sweet Milo.

We chanced upon Taste of the Nation on our way to the architecture hot spot. Nam was saying how she was the lucky person, since events seems to pop up whenever she makes plans to go somewhere. In fact, the trip to the Getty Center in the previous post was her idea too.

Taste of the Nation event in Culver City.I think there was supposed to be an admission fee, but we arrived right when people were about to pack up, so we got to browse the booths for free. Thank you Nam. XD

Rows of booths with free sampling in Taste of the Nation at Culver City.

Handsome Coffee Roasters in Taste of the Nation at Culver City.Handsome Coffee Roasters are handsome. Hur hur.

800 degrees in Taste of the Nation at Culver City.800 degrees was there too! The queue for it was too long though, and Nam and I were eager to get on with our itinerary.

Salmon and roe sample in Taste of the Nation at Culver City.I took a picture of the plate I grabbed from the bare table, and when the guy behind it saw what I was doing, he bade me relinquish the plate while he fussed over the presentation for a good minute. Wow! I had to compose the plate next to the bouquet of flowers after all the effort he went though.

Free food samples in Taste of the Nation at Culver City.Nam and my samples from various booths.

On to the flesh of this post:

Wooden swing hanging on a tree in someone's backyard in Culver City.

Cactus in Culver City.

Flowers by the front of the Samitaur building in Culver City.

Samitaur building in Culver City.The Samitaur building. I’d been there a couple of times previously for a hush-hush project, and was impressed by the architecture the first time I laid eyes on it.

Cracks through the Samitaur building in Culver City.A crack of sky from the Samitaur building.

Close up of the Samitaur Tower in Culver City.And there’s the more famous Samitaur Tower by Eric Owen Moss.

Building behind the Samitaur Tower in Culver City.

Giant Pirates logo in Culver City.I liked the Giant Pirates logo a lot.

Interesting architecture in Culver City.

Derelict window in Culver City.

Nam in front of the 'Love' wall by Smashbox Studios in Culver City.There was this giant wall full of ‘Love’s that we had to take a picture in front of! It’s right by Smashbox Studios.

Ren in front of the 'Love' wall by Smashbox Studios in Culver City.Hearts!

in front of the 'Love' wall by Smashbox Studios in Culver City.This was the moment I remembered why I hadn’t taken this dress out in forever. I must have flashed Nam a dozen times. I’m not even sure if I wore nice undies…

Photos of myself are assisted by Nam.

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