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I loved this dress the moment I set my eyes on it in the store– the shade of blue just right, the tactile material sliding down the pads of my fingers, the cut of the skirt complementing the weight of the fabric, flowing just so. And it was on sale. Instabuy!

On the eve of Christmas eve, the three of us got it into our heads that we should hike to the beach, a good 5 miles (8 km) from our house. I cannot even begin to explain just how unprepared we were without water and snacks during the trip. On the bright side, we stumbled across a good many pretty houses as eye candy, and one of them was this amazingly colourful house called the Mosaic Tile House. That’s where the first picture was from. If anyone is ever in the area, do check it out! It’s so pretty~

As mentioned in my previous post, Deb had Jac and I get matching headgear, so we could stroll around places like the weird asians that we are. It proved useful though, since we could easily recognise each other from the crowds at Venice beach and Abbot Kinney. It even got the three of us compliments and photographers/videographers aimed our way, which was unexpected, but pretty cool. :)


Cotton On velvet dress
Forever21 chain collar necklace
Dollhouse coat
Gentle Fawn hobo bag
Fila shoes

Photos of me are courtesy of Deb (who was much more than just a human tripod). :D

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