Christmas 2017

It’s been a whirlwind of a year this 2017, and I’m pretty glad to be putting it behind me soon. Unfortunately, most of my time-consuming projects will only end next year… but at least I’ll also be moving into a new place in a few months! It’s been a headache preparing for the move since August, and now that things are finally underway, I’m looking forward to having a proper chair for me to park my ass while I stare down my laptop screen. As it is, I’ve spent the past two years sitting on my bed and it’s been causing my thirty-one year old spine a lot of grief. Growing old is sad.

I bought an extra long santa hat from Daiso for $2 and took the opportunity to show it off in front of my current neighbourhood’s new paint job. I personally find the new colours to be in bad taste – like a watered down version of a Mondrian painting – and it makes me wonder if these particular colours were on sale when the town council decided to buff up the neighbourhood. On the bright side, I’m spoilt for choice should I wish to take an outfit photo in front of a wall for the next few months.

I’ve been looking at the bright side of a lot of things lately.

Extra long santa hat and a little black dress for christmas 2017.

Extra long santa hat and a little black dress for christmas 2017.

Extra long santa hat and a little black dress for christmas 2017.

Extra long santa hat and a little black dress for christmas 2017.

George Orwell's 1984 censored book cover. Penguin books edition.

One of my highlights this December was that I finally received my copy of 1984 by George Orwell in the mail! This title belongs to the list of classics that I’ve never read despite its proliferation in the media, now more so than ever. The push for me buying a copy from Book Depository came when I realised that the Penguin Books edition comes with such a clever book cover. I honestly didn’t expect the embossed texture in addition to the censorship bar!

George Orwell's 1984 censored book cover. Penguin books edition.The title shows through when the light hits it a certain way. It’s beautiful.

My initial Christmas plan of snuggling in bed with my new book was thwarted by the onerous task of tyrannically ruling my citizens in Tropico 5. Listening to the snarky liners when Ottie played it recently sparked my interest in the game, and harkened to fond memories of my teenage years escaping into The Sims, Theme Hospital, and Rollercoaster Tycoon on a CRT monitor. It was fun playing Tropico 5, although I have no idea how a vanilla Tropico 5 would play like because Ottie has an obsession with modding the hell out of almost every game he buys. Still, it’s selling for ridiculously cheap after 75% off at the Steam winter sale if anyone is interested.

… I still find it hilarious when I didn’t understand why my Tropico citizens kept revolting against me and why people were dying of starvation until Ottie, who was watching my gameplay, made the connection that my one corn plantation was not enough to supply my textile mills and feed my people. Remind me not to run for el presidente IRL.

Merry christmas, you.

Pomelo Fashion dress
We Love Colors thigh high socks
Steve Madden boots
Artikel constellation necklace
Daiso santa hat

Outfit photos by Ottie.


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