Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas! My festive outfit this year includes the santa hat that’s made an appearance every year since Deb made Jac and I get it in 2012. It’s the first time I’ve celebrated Christmas at work here, and it’s very refreshing when my colleagues are pretty cool people.

I’d just like to note that despite my tendency to spend Christmas lazing in bed or watching christmas reruns on television, my crowning moment for this holiday was bursting into the party room that morning, santa hat on my head, a black trash bag of art supplies, and going, “Ho, ho, ho”. After which, slightly mortified by my audacity, I took off the santa hat and retreated to one corner to write naughty/nice testimonials for another christmas thing we had for the party.

Christmas outfit: Forever 21 red dress, Uniqlo shimmer silver tights, Ralphs santa hat, Dav black rain booties, Gap black glasses.

Christmas outfit closeup: Forever 21 red dress, Uniqlo shimmer silver tights, Ralphs santa hat, Dav black rain booties.Rain boots were an integral part of my outfit because Singapore has been snowing a lot recently- liquid snow, that is.

Christmas outfit: Forever 21 red dress, Ralphs santa hat, Gap black glasses.

I got a perm last week thanks to Kimage! I served as a hair model for the head stylist to showcase Korean Soft Curls, and will be talking about that in a future post. In the meantime, there’s still a few backlogged posts with straight hair.

Christmas candy 2014My Christmas candy haul from awesome people. ♥

Here, have one of my favourite festive songs:
All I want for Christmas this year is mad guitar skillz. XD


Dress from Forever 21
Kimono from Coldwater Creek (thrifted)
Tights from Uniqlo
Santa hat from Ralphs
Glasses from Gap
Rain boots from Dav c/o Shopbop
Hair c/o Kimage

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