Christmas 2011 & What Really Happened

Haha am incredibly sleepy right now, but I thought I should post this before 2012 rolls around in another 24 hours, so here it goes:

All three of my housemates gave something for Christmas. I felt like a selfish prick just eating all those cookies and fudges and using the brand new dish rack… ^^;

Taking care of Max (short for Maximus Decimus Meridius) for the holidays, because everyone in the office has gone away. Spent the first week worried because he wasn’t eating, but everything’s back to normal now!

Christmas eve was spent catching up with Bernie and weaving through crowds in the Fashion District (very much like a Spanish version of Ameyoko in Tokyo). And then meeting Santa Claus on the bus to delicious food (bacon! grilled pineapple!) served by Kaej at the guys’ place. I went there for the Bacardi though. Jan had to give me two panadol pills for the massive headache I got as a result. Lightweight. OTL

So that was it for Christmas. I promise not to imbibe as much alcohol in 2012 than I have so far in 2011. Happy new year!

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