Chlorinated Vision

In the beginning of June, I went to the swimming pool with the brats and a cheap underwater film camera and a roll of my favourite b&w ilford.

In July, I finally got around to developing it. If anyone still remembers this tweet, that was it :D

We tease them about their inverted nipples. I wonder if they’ll ever pop out?

Brat #2.

Brat #1.

This is me trying to get a shot while falling backwards into the water.

Can you enlarge your nostrils at will? I can!!! XDDD

Figures that I’d show my unglam side immediately after the previous birthday post. Haha!

The end.


  • Mary

    I always love underwater photos. They look fun. I’ve never tried it but will have to remember the next time I’m with my niece and nephew. Are the brats siblings or cousins?

    • ✿ren

      Yea! I hope to catch the sun next time, and play with color film too. And do try it! I’m ever amused by the underwater shots and bubbled bursting out from the face. XDD
      They’re my cousins, but we’re pretty close since I’ve been with them ever since they were infants (we’ve lived together for a good number of years). :D

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