• Chinese New Year 2018 outfit: Mango black sleeveless top, Pomelo Fashion velvet pants, Firmoo red glasses, RAWROW convertible sling bag.

    Year of the Dog 2018

    It’s been a while since Chinese New Year happened in mid February (or since I last updated), but this radio silence resulted because I’ve finally moved to my new home! So many boxes to unpack, so many surfaces to clean… with everything that’s been going on lately, this Lunar New Year became both a reprieve from responsibilities while further taxing my energy. It was still a good thing to have taken the chance to catch up with family though; turns out that they weren’t too pleased about my lack of updates either. Oops? We had our reunion dinner at my brother’s this year. Here’s our steamboat, plus my Instastory snap…

  • Petting the neighbourhood cat.

    Temporarily Turquoise: Haircut & Loreal Colorista Spray

    After much hemming and hawing, I finally sport a haircut I’ve not sported in years! This is in fact the shortest hairstyle I’ve ever had, seeing as my sides are shaved with a #1 blade. It’s. So. Cooling. I was initially worried that shorter hair wouldn’t gel with most of my wardrobe, but this shoot alleviated my fears about having to undergo an overhaul. I’m gonna have to step up my makeup game for the girly-girl items though! Lookit this friendly cat! It attempted to scratch me once because the friction from my clammy hands was pulling at its fur (goddamn Hyperhidrosis making life difficult as usual), but immediately forgave me and…