when things don't fit.


    Random Stuff I Love

    Well hello there! Evy suggested we both take a picture of us wearing this ensemble. She had given me this Threadless zombie tee for christmas two years ago, while I gave her a pair of geeky sunglasses for christmas last year; that plus the fact that we both kept one for ourselves because awesome things are awesome meant that this was the only logical conclusion. XD This was Evy’s christmas package to me for last year!! (The both of us are extremely tardy with delivering our packages like that.) I blocked out her card with some grainy things (that look like stars in the universe if you stare hard enough)…


    Merry Christmas 2012!

    Jac, me, and Deb (in that order in the picture) have been walking all over town in our santa hats! Deb has an obsession with headgear, so she got Jac and I to ‘complete the set’, if you will. These two ladies have been making my stay in LA so much more enjoyable, so please forgive me if I haven’t had time to even make cards this year. Have a very merry Christmas, everyone! <3


    ‘Bamboo Poles’ is also an Acceptable Answer

    Snippet of a conversation I had with Ottie: “There is a washer but no dryer- how am I supposed to dry my clothes?” “Oh my god you are so spoilt,” I said. “…Clothes pins?” “Yes.” Cue twenty seconds of Ottie making a very good rendition of the internet’s beloved grumpy cat face: Oh Tard, you can has cheezeburger. (Via: Grumpy Cat) [edit] It came to my attention that my reference to bamboo poles went over the heads of non-Singaporeans. This article succinctly explains it.