when things don't fit.


    Christmas 2013

    Merry Christmas everyone! (Well actually there’s only half an hour of Christmas left in Singapore heh.) These are some of the things I’ve uncovered from the corners of my dusty abode- a notebook I used in 2003, a François Boucher study sketch in 2006, my graduation gown from 2010, an origami crane an old Japanese lady gave me for my grad trip on the same year, and the santa hat Deb, Jac, and I wore last year in LA. Time flies. Cleaning out my room has been a huge undertaking, and I’ve been working on it on and off for weeks. It’s a little frightening to uncover just how many…


    In Which Eggventures & Pun Battles Occur

    I finally meet up with Ling after almost two years; whereupon she somehow gets to using the straws which I got for our Milo Dinosaur, to eat eggs with. Gross stuff ensues: youtube=http://youtu.be/Hfo7KkpENZ0   And here’s a super long conversation copy & paste from my pun battles with Ken, a punny and sarcastic husk of what used to be a human being: And another one shortly after, in which Tal joins in: These are my friends. XD


    Stay Home Saturday

      On Wednesday, I had a earworm, and so I attempted to expel it. On Thursday, I woke up at 4pm, went solo to a Lookbook party in Hollywood, and surprisingly made social niceties despite being awkward penguin. On Friday, after a bout of insomnia and the hour at which I got home from the party, I awoke after 1.5 hours of sleep and headed to Anaheim for Wondercon where I met my US con-buddy, Shamis, and had a blast. On Saturday, I stayed home. On Sunday, I met new people and space after an excruciating triple trip up and down the hills of Westwood. It’s been tiring. ^^;