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  • Wordcloud 2018 01 Messages

    Wordclouds: January Conversations

    I came across this link to a post charting a couple’s relationship through their messages and thought that it’d be fun to do something similar between Ottie and myself. Unfortunately, we’re not that good at keeping records of our chats, so I decided to pick out the month of January to see what words we used most often: I input our conversations into Word It Out and set the cloud to display words that had a minimum frequency of 3. In the end, it still wound up having to discard a bunch of words because we talked too much: He’s the chatty one. Us having different work schedules means that…

  • Japan 2017 collage.

    BRB, Japaning.

    Just wanted to pop by with a small update that blogging has met up with some obstacles, currently in the form of exploring Japan with Ottie. It’s already been twenty-four hours in this busy city and we’ve got aches upon our aches from all the walking! Ottie is also taking the opportunity to school me in reading maps. I’ll be updating my Instagram feed and stories @pupuren for anyone interested in checking out our adventure. またね!


    The Infinite Jest: A Birthday Reflection

    It’s my 30th birthday today, so I guess it’s as good a time as any to finally publish some thoughts which kept me up in the dead of the night a while ago. I won’t go into details, but my childhood was a pretty rocky one. Like most kids, I got my fair share of being loved. But for all that my parents tried to shelter me and my bro, I was old enough and circumstances just-so that I had the dubious honour of experiencing some fucked up shit (don’t we all), some of which I’d retain to realize the significance of those traumatic memories later on. In hindsight, my…