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    Otome Game: My Strange Lovers Walkthrough [Mao Nekomiya]

    Prologue | Tasuku | Shin | Mao | Hyouko Mao had always been a cutie in other storylines I played – he even confessed to me in Shin’s story, which wrecked so much havoc in my head – so I was excited to get to his story as a love interest this time. Will the adorable kitty pounce? Let’s find out: Mao is surprised that I choose him. Fuck off, Hyouko. Mao immediately gets the both of us on a first name basis. I’m surprised at the familarity, and Shin grabs the chance to tease Mao over his last name – Nekomiya means cat palace, which totally suits him. Mao says to…


    Otome Game: My Strange Lovers Walkthrough [Shin Kamiya]

    Prologue | Tasuku | Shin | Mao | Hyouko Celebrity Shin Kamiya is next to be conquered here; the 25 year old has got the blood of a wolf and is the lead vocalist of a very popular band. He’s also known to be a player. I usually dislike types like him, but he and I seemed to get along when I played Takusu’s story line, so why not. Anyway, back to episode 1. I announce that I choose to stick with Shin. Yup, you. Mao asks if I’m really okay with my decision. Shin seems put out by this new responsibility. Takusu, you sweetie-pie. I’ll gladly switch back to your storyline.…


    Otome Game: My Strange Lovers Walkthrough [Tasuku Ichinose]

    Prologue | Tasuku | Shin | Mao | Hyouko Here’s my story with Tasuku Ichinose, the 32 year old college professor who possesses the blood of a unicorn. The other three guys comment on how it was the safest choice, although Mao did chip in saying how I could rely on him too, which made me think for a moment that I could deviate to his storyline from Tasuku’s (but no dice). Anyway, Tasuku shows me around the house and learns about my contract with the realtor; he comments that he can’t let me take care of the house for them, and that we could simply say that I’m taking care of…