the people who share my blood and toilet humor.


    Young at Heart

    I went with Mum to a playground we hadn’t been to in a while. This was in a neighbourhood where I had kiddy art lessons while she went to work, though I was so young that I only have a handful of memories relating to the place. One of them was of missing Mum so terribly that when I spied Mum at the stone staircase that Bro and I were climbing down of at the school, I ran to her and, burying my face in her grey pencil skirt, burst into tears. I remember Mum asking me over and again what was wrong, but all I could do was to…


    Morning Mist in Neutrals

    I never thought that my offhanded comment about the lake at a neighbourhood park being a pretty place for photos would be taken seriously by Mum one morning. With her impulsive nature, that wound up being exactly what we did. I’m the sort that thinks of a brilliant idea and then promptly tears it down by citing all the practical reasons why it should not happen. Mum is the opposite. Without her, my life would never be that interesting. However, we do share our lazy attitude regarding certain household chores. My Zara pants says dry clean? Nope, into the washer it goes. Little wonder why I’ve been feeling it hug my calves recently. Oh…


    Black Cat

    One more post with pictures from my phone that I forgot about, with another day walking round the neighbourhood with Pa. I haven’t been wearing much tights recently, what with my newfound obsession with socks. But a drawer overflowing with tights is pretty hard to ignore. I’ll always remember KJ’s jibe on whether I was an octopus, because I couldn’t possibly have that many legs for the amount of tights I was about to purchase during one of our many Urban Outfitters sales sprees. XD It’s weird how this pair of sneakers goes so well with everything. I wouldn’t have thought so, what with all the abstraction going on, but…