the people who share my blood and toilet humor.

  • Christmas bouquet for the husband: Purple roses, orange Metalasia, Paranormus. Copper lights from Dresslily.

    Making a Flower Bouquet

    I surprised Ottie with a bouquet a flowers a couple of days before Christmas this past week. Neither of us had given each other flowers before, and it was a subject that had popped up recently, so I took the opportunity when I had an off day to head over to Far East Orchid to pick out some blooms. Despite my mock-complaining that he’d never given me flowers in our four years together, what was better than receiving flowers was claiming the spot of giving him flowers first. I kissed him first four years ago, so he came back by proposing to me first last year; I wasn’t going to just retire into being…

  • Three-legged cat.

    Three-Legged Kitty & Gnocchi at Garibaldi’s

    Ottie and I came across a three-legged kitty while scouting for a place to take outfit photos at one day. I was so shocked at this kitty anomaly that all I could utter was the question, “why does it have three legs?”, like a broken record. Luckily, a passerby heard my voiced confusion and said that this kitty was probably mauled by a dog a few months back and was found with its paw dangling bloodily by a thread. Someone had brought it to the vet to get it treated, but I guess the limb had to be amputated after all. It was sad to hear of what this kitty had…


    2015: A Few Resolutions

    Happy 2015! My resolutions this year are pretty simple – I’ll be trying to keep to the small habits I’ve already started forming this past year in my effort to post regularly, smile more in photos, and to pare my belongings down. Also, to read more mainstream books, or just books in general. Make more art if I can. Spend more time with family. Yeah my list of to-dos this year is not intimidating at all. :p Got these pair of cute monster socks from a colleague who visited Korea, also known as sock heaven :) Pa’s face is in high definition.   OUTFIT Dress from Passport Love Sweater form…