Ottie and Ren's derp mirror selfie with a Canon dSLR.

Beary Late

I’m wearing a beary christmas sweater which was long overdue for Christmas – the package from Zaful got stuck in transit, and I finally received it just last week. It’s a good thing that the illustration on what would have been my second christmas sweater (after the meowy christmas one) was not too obvious, because that would have been very obviously passé.

Zaful bear sweater, Shein silver pleated skirt, Zaful pompom socks, Kurt Geiger Lovebug white sneakers, Firmoo prescription glasses, Zaful gold metal lace choker necklace.

Making a heart shape with my arms in my bear sweater.

I originally thought that the illustration was made out of embroidery, and was quite disappointed to find that it was merely paint on the surface. Am half-afraid to put it in the wash in case the paint peels off? What do?

Barring the illustration, the sweater itself was pretty toasty. It got way too hot in the summery outdoors, so luckily I had on my trusty Uniqlo bratop to preserve what counts as my decency.

Uniqlo bratop, Shein silver pleated skirt, Zaful bear sweater, Firmo red glasses, Zaful gold lace choker, Zaful pom pom socks, Kurt Geiger Lovebug sneakers.

Touching the mirror reflection.

Twirling my Shein metallic silver pleat skirt.

Also, this metallic silver skirt from Shein is officially my favourite. I LOVE HOW SWISHY AND LIGHTWEIGHT AND SHINY IT IS. I’m totally going to wear it for Chinese New Year this weekend. Pretty glad that my family’s not too superstitious about having to buy new clothes for the season; in fact, I generally have to find out the superstitions of what’s supposed to be my culture and heritage from my friends. A few years ago I contemplated getting my hair cut during Chinese New Year (pretty taboo). So I consulted both my parents separately and it it turned out that the both of them had just gone for a haircut of their own within days of each other. What.

Ottie and Ren's derp mirror selfie with a Canon dSLR.

Zaful pom pom fleece socks, Kurt Geiger sneakers.

Zaful pom pom fleece socks, Kurt Geiger sneakers.

That is all.

Zaful bear sweater, gold lace choker, pom pom socks (c/o)
Shein skirt (c/o)
Uniqlo bratop
Firmoo glasses
Kurt Geiger sneakers

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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